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  1. Immunity Pharmalife® consists of well organized and upbeat team of specialists in the field of pharmacy. Our actions are guided by good pharmaceutical practice and our goal to have smiles on the faces of our customers.

  2. Antioxidants

  3. Immunity The philosophy Online Pharmacy Farmalayf is to work honestly and openly. We will always strive to present the conditions of our customers clear and transparent. Our team is open to suggestions, recommendations and ideas. We would appreciate to contact us through the contact form if you want to tell us something. Pharmalife licensed to Internet sales of medicinal products without a prescription issued by the BDA.

  4. Antioxidants

  5. Immunity A complete immune strengthening system must begin with basic good health habits. Growing up, we were told to wash our hands before we eat, but maybe not before we touched our faces. No matter what immune system stimulants you use, you will be more likely to pick up viruses or bugs if you do not wash your hands before you touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes. Many people are interested in immune system stimulants or an immune strengthening system and it is for this reason that we supply this collection of information, helpful hints and strategies to help people protect themselves from colds, viruses and bacterial infections. Included in this article is current research concerning herbs, botanicals and other plant products that may be natural immune system stimulants; this is by no means a complete list.

  6. Antioxidants fight free radical damage. You may recall in your science class, a free radical is a molecule that has lost one of its electrons. It then goes about looking for healthy molecules and tries to "steal" an electron. Antioxidants The cells of your body where oxidation occurs become injured. Free radicals also create a "snowballing effect", as molecules steal from one another, each one becoming a new free radical, leaving a trail of biological damage. Free radicals can severely affect your DNA by disrupting the duplication and maintenance of DNA. This can lead to tissue and organ degradation and put you at risk for 60 different diseases, including cancer. Free radicals are derived from our normal metabolic function, as well as toxins, processed foods, and polluted air. You are literally exposed to potential sources of free radical production everyday of your life.

  7. Immunity The body's immune system is a complex and precise function that recognizes any foreign invasion by any substance, bacteria or virus that will cause disease or harm the host in any way. When a foreign substance invades the body, an inflammatory condition results in the tissues affected. A prime example would be when a patient has tissue transplanted from another person, living or dead into to their body. Their immune system will reject the implanted tissue, and in order to prevent this, they will have to be on specific medications for the rest of their life to try to prevent this rejection.

  8. Antioxidants The immune system is differentiated from other systems, such as the digestive, cardiovascular, skeletal, lymphatic, and nervous systems. The immune system is comprised of and can be found within the cells of our body. These are mainly the white blood cells (WBC), the warriors that attack invaders when the body is compromised and can cause bodily harm. There are also unique white cells such as Eosinophils, Lymphocytes, Basophils, etc. that are warriors in their own right. There also are the T-Cells that help maintain the immunity system.

  9. Other factors have a profound affect on the immune system. Environmental, the air we breathe and everything around us can have a bearing on the strength of our immune systems. We are literally surrounded by toxins in our everyday living, from our carpets, drapes, bedding, clothes we wear, even when they come from the cleaners, and the cleaning products used in the home. Immunity Personally everyone uses some form of cosmetic, shampoo, after-shave, deodorant, etc. These all contain chemicals that can have some toxins associated with their use. Cooking can be another area whereby we can be exposed to toxins. As an example, meat that is charred can be toxic to the body. There are other areas as well; such as food stored in plastic containers, food cooked in aluminum utensils, the metal fillings in our teeth, can all contribute toxins within our body.

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