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Aryan Invasion PowerPoint Presentation
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Aryan Invasion

Aryan Invasion

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Aryan Invasion

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  1. Aryan Invasion

  2. Who were the Aryan’s? What do you know about the Aryan Invasion? Have you ever heard of the word Aryan? What about the word invasion? Where do you think this invasion took place?

  3. Who were the Aryan’s? Remember the Harappan… The Aryans may have helped ended their control over the Indus River Valley in present day Pakistan

  4. Who were the Aryan’s? First what is an Aryan? Aryan – (Sanskrit for “noble”) term used to describe the Indo-European Nomadic Tribes, language and family.

  5. Who were the Aryan’s Nomadic Tribe – “Nomads” people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons

  6. Who were the Aryan’s

  7. Who were the Aryan’s? One of the most interesting puzzles in archaeology id one that is not completely solved yet. It revolves around the story of the Aryan invasion of the Indian subcontinent.

  8. Who were the Aryan’s? The story goes like this: The Aryans were a tribe of Indo-European-speaking, horse-riding nomads living in the arid steppes of Eurasia.

  9. Who were the Aryan’s? The Aryans were skilled warriors who had an advantage…horses!

  10. Who were the Aryan’s? Why would horses be an advantage? Ideas?

  11. Who were the Aryan’s? Extremely mobile and fast Easy to train Allowed warriors an advantage in a fight Acted as luggage…

  12. Who were the Aryan’s? Sometime around 1200 BCE, Aryan warriors swept through the Hindu Kush Pass, waged war and took control of the Indus River Valley.

  13. Who were the Aryan’s? From there the Aryans moved into the Ganges River Valley where they began to mount more war campaigns.

  14. Who were the Aryan’s? The Ayran were a little less mysterious then the Harappan Much of what we know about the Aryan Society comes from religious writings known as Vegas. .

  15. Who were the Aryan’s? Veda - are a large body of texts originating in ancient India. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts composed the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of the Hinduism Religion.

  16. Who were the Aryan’s? Vedas were mainly collections of poems, hymns, myths and rituals that were written by Aryan Priest.

  17. Who were the Aryan’s? A few Vegas also described many of the Aryan victories during the invasion of India

  18. Who were the Aryan’s? Hymn – Myth- Rituals -

  19. Who were the Aryan’s? As nomads, the Aryans moved quickly from place to place This forced them to take large groups of animals, supplies, weapons and tools with them at all times.

  20. Who were the Aryan’s? Over time the Aryans began to develop settlements and farming techniques.

  21. Who were the Aryan’s? This ultimately led to permanent villages…however they never developed city environments like the Harappan.

  22. Who were the Aryan’s? They also had a very different political system from the Harappan system. They lived in small communities based mostly on family ties.

  23. Who were the Aryan’s? There was no single ruling family, king, emperor or president. Instead each family group and village had its own leader, often a skilled warrior.

  24. Who were the Aryan’s? These leaders or skilled warriors were called Rajas. A Raja was a leader who ruled a village and the land around it.

  25. Who were the Aryan’s? Often Rajas were often treated like royalty…having villagers farm their lands and tend to their herds of animals.

  26. Who were the Aryan’s? The first Aryans were not educated like the Harappan. They had no written language and were unable to read.

  27. Who were the Aryan’s? Due to their lack of education the Aryan people had to depend on the memorization of their history. Poems, Vedas and important culture stories were passed down to generations through spoken words.

  28. Who were the Aryan’s? The Aryan people spoke these stories through the language of Sanskrit.

  29. Who were the Aryan’s? At first Sanskrit was only a spoken language… It was not until they need to keep records of events that Sanskrit became written language

  30. Who were the Aryan’s? These records became a major source of information about India and the Aryan civilization. The language is not spoken today…however it is the basis for many of the modern languages spoken throughout South Asia

  31. What happened to the Aryan Are the Aryan’s still around today?

  32. What happened to the Aryan The Aryan people stayed in Western India and also migrated to the Middle East.

  33. What happened to the Aryan Iran

  34. What happened to the Aryan

  35. What happened to the Aryan Since the Aryan invasion these middle eastern and Indian countries have had religious and political difference that have made getting along very difficult.

  36. What happened to the Aryan Today many are struggling with political fights and terrorist activities.

  37. What happened to the Aryan Remember these are developing countries that are trying to emerge in today’s modern world.

  38. What happened to the Aryan

  39. Aryan in today’s world The year is 1933 and Germany is changing. A man named Adolf Hitler has gained control of the German people and is beginning to make significant changes in their social structure.

  40. Aryan in today’s world Hitler used the idea that the original Aryan people and their descendants where a distinctive super race of the larger Caucasian people…generally Blonde Haired and Blue Eyed.

  41. Aryan in today’s world He used the violence of the original Aryan tribes to promote racism in Germany and to encourage this idea that all Germans were part of this super race.

  42. Aryan in today’s world We of course know that this is not entirely true…although violent the original Aryan people where not from Germany and most likely were not Caucasian in race.

  43. Aryan in today’s world The German people were so captivated by Hitler that they believed in his Aryan myth…losing all sense of reasoning and began to promote his anti Semitism racist behaviors.