varicose veins treatment surgery in prague medical institute n.
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varicose veins treatment

varicose veins treatment

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varicose veins treatment

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  1. About Us • About Varicose Veins surgery at PMI • What are veins and what is their function? • Varicose vein and spider vein pictures • Causes • What are varicose vein symptoms? • How can compression stockings help with varicose veins? • Why Prague Medical Institutes Varicose Veins Treatmentsurgery in Prague Medical Institute

  2. Team Prague Medical Institute has a long experience in their field in the Czech Republic, as well as internships abroad. We bring you the latest, most advanced procedures available.   We have experts in the fields of varicose veins treatment, assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, obesity treatment. We are the only company to contract the top Czech professionals from their respective fields of surgery, without having to rely on hospitals or clinic. Established in 2002 PMI has the focus of being a comprehensive IVF, surgical non-surgical solution for individuals.  We offer comprehensive options under one roof to give people the health and beauty solutions they’re looking for.

  3. What are veins and what is their function? • They are blood vessels that return blood from all the organs in the body toward the heart. When the different organs use oxygen from the blood to perform the various functions. • Blood in the veins is transported to the heart and then returned to the lungs, where the waste carbon dioxide is released and more oxygen is loaded by the blood and taken back to the rest of the body by the arteries and in this way it works. • Veins are of different sizes that depends their location and function. largest veins are in the center of the body; these collect the blood from all the other smaller veins and channel it into the heart. • The branches of these large veins get smaller and smaller as they move away from the center of the body. Above mention are the basic function of veins.

  4. Varicose vein and spider vein pictures

  5. Causes of Varicose Veins: • The veins have one-way valves so that the blood can travel in only one direction. If the walls of the vein become stretched and less flexible (elastic), the valves may get weaker and create the problem of varicose veins. • The weakened valve can allow blood to leak backward and sometime its flow in the opposite direction which leads to the cause of varicose veins. When this occurs, blood can accumulate in the vein(s), which then become enlarged and swollen and some time become very painful.

  6. What are varicose vein symptoms? Many people with varicose veins do not have any physical symptoms. They may, however, have concerns over the cosmetic appearance of the varicose veins which is observed commonly: Symptoms of varicose veins may include: • aching, • cramping, • itching, • swelling, and • fatigue. Patient may also experience: • when suddenly standing up, some individuals experience leg cramps also a symptoms of varicose veins. • a high percentage of people with varicose veins also have restless legs syndrome • Atrophie blanche - irregular whitish patches that look like scars appear at the ankles

  7. Why Prague Medical Institute Our main motto is : Your success is our joy. • Team of experts with rich experience the fields of Varicose Veins Treatment, assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, obesity treatment in the Czech Republic. • Association with the top-class healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic. • We really know who the best is for you. • We understand that price transparency, so no hidden costs.