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treatment for varicose veins PowerPoint Presentation
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treatment for varicose veins

treatment for varicose veins

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treatment for varicose veins

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  1. Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad TREATMENT FOR VARICOSE VEINS Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad

  2. WHAT IS VARICOSE VEINS?  Varicose Veins are bigger, inflamed and crumpled veins. Legs and feet are usually the most affected area.  Veins have one way valve that helps blood to flow from limb to heart and prevent it from backflow but if the valve becomes weak then the blood flows back to vein. Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad

  3. CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM Heredity Pregnancy Obesity Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad

  4. SYMPTOMS  During early stage of this disease does not lead to any problem, it might lead to cosmetic problem because the vein changes its colour to blue giving bad appearance.  At an advance stage patient might feel pain or swelling or both in feet and legs. Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad

  5. TREATMENT AVAILABLE AT HEALING HANDS CLINIC •Doing light exercise such as swimming and walking. •Keep taking breaks avoid standing for long periods this will avoid pooling of blood in the veins. •Try to elevate your legs while sleeping or lying down on the bed by placing pillows below your legs which helps to empty the pool of blood. Lifestyle modification Lifestyle modification Venous Stockings/ Venous Stockings/ Compression Stockings Compression Stockings •This helps to continue the flow of blood from legs to heart while avoiding the pooling. Medication Medication •Helps in reducing the inflammation and reduce the soreness and ulcer. TRENDELENBERG SURGERY TRENDELENBERG SURGERY / OPEN SURGERY / OPEN SURGERY •In this surgery a small slit is made where vein junction is located and tie the veins preventing the blood to flow into it. LIGATION AND STRIPPING LIGATION AND STRIPPING •In this procedure the infected vein is completely removed. ENDOVENOUS LASER ENDOVENOUS LASER ABLATION ( EVLA ) ABLATION ( EVLA ) •This highly advanced technique available at Healing Hands Clinic. •With the help of this technique the walls of the veins are completely sealed. •There are no side effects of this treatment. Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad

  6. Thankyou For Varicose Vein treatment visit us at +91 9595678678 Healing Hands Clinic Hyderabad