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JPD – Differentiation - Bridging PowerPoint Presentation
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JPD – Differentiation - Bridging

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JPD – Differentiation - Bridging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JPD – Differentiation - Bridging. James Carr.

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JPD – Differentiation - Bridging

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AGO (Aims goals and objectives)Aims: Develop inspirational differentiation to pupils and staffGoals: For pupils to see differentiation as a confidence building exercise not a stigma/ labelObjectives: Identify what bridging is and how it can be used in teaching and learning to improve pupils confidence and promote an outstanding classroom and learning experience

what is bridging
What is Bridging
  • Give pupil an image of a bridge depending on target grade.
  • 1 end of the bridge is TG other side is 1 grade higher then TG.
  • When performing an activity e.g. Circle map Grade of level of activity will be displayed on board, however, in differentiation box is image of bridge to show TG and how to improve to next level for the particular activity.




Positive learning environment


Positive ethos

Pupils know how to improve in every lesson and activity

Scaffolding activities and learning

No ‘boundaries

Showcasing outstanding differentiation

Creating consistent whole school differentiation

Consistent reflection and encouragement


What are your next steps to trying effective differentiation in your lessons?

What are the outcomes for the pupils and RGS?