Blood cells                                                        Nerve cells
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Blood cells Nerve cells. A Look At The Cell. Stomach cells Bone cells. The General Cell is made up of a NUCLEUS, CYTOPLASM, CYTOPLASMIC STRUCTURES and CELL MEMBRANE.

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Blood cells Nerve cells

A Look At The Cell

Stomach cells Bone cells

  • Functions of the cell membrane

  • Outermost part of the cell

  • Maintains cell shape

  • Controls what enters and exits the cell

  • Involved in transmitting messages

B . Membrane structure

  • Composed of a double layer of lipids, proteins, and some carbohydrates.

C. The cytoplasm is a made up of a clear liquid, called CYTOSOL, and a supportive framework called the CYTOSKELETON. Organelles are found inside of the cytoplasm.

The ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM (ER) is involved in the synthesis of lipids and proteins. The rough ER is covered with ribosomes, while the smooth ER lacks them.

2. Proteins are put together at the RIBOSOMES.

3. The GOLGI APPARATUS refines, sorts, packages, and ships proteins made the the ER.

4. The MITOCHONDRIA makes ATP energy.

5. LYSOSOMES engulf and destroy cellular debris and worn cell parts.

PEROXISOMES break down toxic hydrogen peroxide.

A CENTROSOME is found near the nucleus and helps when the cell to divide.

8. CILIA are hair-like structures protruding from the cell that are motile.

9. A single FLAGELLUM protrudes from sperm cells helping them to move.

VESSICLES are sacs made up of portions of membrane. They can be filled with different things.

  • The NUCLEUS is a sphere shaped organelle that holds the chromosomes.

    • The nucleus is surrounded by a nuclear envelope perforated with tiny pores.

The NUCLEOLUS is a small region in the nucleus made up of RNA and protein. Ribosomes are made there.