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KI Architectural Wall

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KI Architectural Wall
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KI Architectural Wall

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  1. KI Architectural Wall The Case: How to sell WALL to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

  2. KI Architectural Wall Autopsy of a Dead Federal Government Project • Victim: Travis AFB • Verdict: Customer Wanted Haworth Stack-on Panels • Possible Motives: • Haworth panel system is on GSA • Flexibility of using the same panel for the systems and the walls

  3. KI Architectural Wall Autopsy of a Dead Federal Government Project • Victim (con’t): Travis AFB • Next Time: • KI Genius Wall is on GSA in a limited offering • Stress acoustics. Panel systems to the ceiling offer very low STC values.

  4. KI Architectural Wall FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT 1) Unicor 2) GSA 3) Open Market

  5. KI Architectural Wall UNICOR The Federal Prison Industries provides interior furniture products to federal installations. Walls are sometimes combined with these orders and are pulled through. The orders are fostered and developed by the OEI group at KI.

  6. KI Architectural Wall GSA • KI has partnered with AIS in order to get the Genius Wall on GSA contract. This contract was signed in December 2003 and a limited product offering is available (i.e., solid powdercoat panels, solid panels with two specific fabrics, and pivot and butt hinge door types). Registration for these projects will go through the GSA regional sales managers as the product can be sold either through AIS or the KI-GSA aligned dealers. • The AIS KI price list will be mailed to GSA purchasing offices.

  7. KI Architectural Wall OPEN MARKET This means that the federal building has waived Unicor and has decided not to procure through GSA or Unicor. KI’s standard processes will apply.

  8. KI Architectural Wall • Key Decision Criteria • 1) LEED: As of January 2003, all new federal building installations must confirm to bronze level LEED building status. • Price. • Performance; i.e., STC, transverse load, load bearing, and flame spread. • Schedule compression alternative. Pre-engineered walls can be provided in a shorter time frame than conventional construction.

  9. KI Architectural Wall Q: How many Pentagon procurement officers does it take to change a lightbulb ? A: Look, for only $87 billion, we can put up this chain of fluorescent satellites that will illuminate the whole planet.