Internet in the classroom
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Steve R. Gordon Director of Technology Internet in the CLassroom. NOW WHAT ?. Linda Donaldson Teacher/Building Tech Representative Sault Area Public Schools Gail Storey Teacher/Building Tech Representative

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Internet in the classroom

Steve R. Gordon

Director of Technology

Internet in the CLassroom


Linda Donaldson

Teacher/Building Tech Representative

Sault Area Public Schools

Gail Storey

Teacher/Building Tech Representative

Classrooms in transition
Classrooms in Transition

  • Unprecedented Pace of Change

Changing economics of information

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Premier Product

$1500 - $2200

Cost $300

Purchased to “do the right thing”

CD-ROM Free with books or $1000


Funk and Wagnalls

$50 or installed

Cost $1.50

Full Multimedia

Computer purchased to “do the right thing”

Changing Economics of Information

Automobiles, Insurance, Real Estate, Travel, Tourism, Research

Internet timeline
Internet Timeline

  • 1971 23 Hosts

  • 1984 Number breaks 1000

  • 1987 Number breaks 10,000

  • 1989 Number of hosts breaks 100,000

  • 1996 number of hosts 9,472,000

  • 1997 number of hosts 16,146,000

  • 1998 number of hosts 29,670,000

Our choice
- Our Choice

  • Fast, easy, AUTOMATIC update of filter files.

  • Smaller filter files for faster updating.

  • Update only those files you select.

  • Third party filter files available.

  • Selectable port filtering.

  • Optionally blocks ALL Newsgroups, FTP, & Chat.

  • Full support for PICS compliant ratings systems.

  • Can be set to ignore e-mail.

  • User definable filtering criteria.

Computer safety rules for kids
Computer Safety Rules for Kids

  • Don’t give out personal information -- your last name, address, phone number -- on-line

  • Don’t give out your password EVER

  • Remember that the people you meet on-line are strangers. They aren’t always who they say they are. Be smart. If you wouldn’t tell it to a stranger, don’t say it in Cyberspace

Computer safety rules for kids1
Computer Safety Rules for Kids

  • Don’t meet someone in person who you met on-line without your parent’s permission...

  • Even better, if you do want to meet up with someone, have your Mom or Dad go with you

  • Don’t answer messages that make you uncomfortable. Get your Mom or Dad if you are ever afraid of ANYTHING.

Be a good netizen
Be a Good Netizen

  • Remember: The Internet is a public place. Don’t say or do things on the Internet that you wouldn’t say or do in public.

  • The Golden Rule: Don’t be rude or cruel to others. Even if someone is rude to you, be smarter.

  • Follow the rules of your on-line or Internet service provider

Be a good netizen1
Be a Good Netizen

  • Be smart -- everything you read in a magazine or hear on the street isn’t true. Neither is everything you read or hear on the Internet.

  • A.U.P.

Safety rules for parents
Safety Rules for Parents

  • Consider placing the computer in a family

    room, particularly if you have young children

  • Be interested! Ask your kids where they go on line; let them know you are interested in what they are doing and learning on-line.

  • If your children know more about the Internet than you do, let them be your guide. Learn about the Internet together.

How can we use the internet
How can we Use the Internet

  • E-Mail

  • Mailing Lists

  • Net 101

  • Good General Sites

  • Searching

  • Lesson Plans & Projects

  • Educational Research & Studies

E mail

  • This “Tool” puts you in contact with thousands of other educators

  • It is a convenient form of communications

  • Participate in projects with other schools

  • Allows students to communicate

  • Take the time to learn E-mail

What to use for e mail
What to Use for E-Mail

  • Netscape

  • Internet Explorer

  • Eudora

  • Download Eudora 3.0.6 from:

Problem of the weekend
Problem of the Weekend

  • Teacher sends Question

  • Involves students and parents at home

    • or parents work

    • or grandparents

  • They respond via E-mail

  • Teacher sends a certificate

Keypals club
KeyPals Club

Mighty Media presents the KeyPals Club, a place for young people, teachers and students to locate and correspond with other youth and students around the world.

100th day of school
100th Day of School

  • 100 E-mails

  • 100 Points of Kindness

Pen pal connection
Pen-Pal Connection

A pen-pal (or if you prefer a web-pal) is a friend from a different country, language, culture. Many countries are listed.

Finding keypals
Finding Keypals

If you are interested in finding keypals for your class, the hyperlink below should be useful.

Mailing lists
Mailing Lists

  • Lets you see on-going discussions

  • An easy way to ask a question to Thousands of educators

  • Lots of E-mail

Question of the week
Question of the Week

  • One E-mail per week

  • We answer by E-mail

  • Panel of people judge the answers

  • Winners list sent by E-mail


They create original K-12 programming for the Internet, delivering a planned, organized and moderated e-mail/Web learning experience.

Global schoolnet foundation
Global SchoolNet Foundation

They are a nonprofit corporation, is a major contributor to the philosophy, design, culture and content of Internet-based learning.

Learn the net
Learn the Net

A website dedicated to helping you save time and money when roaming through cyberspace.

Classroom connect
Classroom Connect

A free, interactive mailing list! In all, more than 3,500 K-12 educators have subscribed to the list.

Eup elementary list
EUP Elementary List

  • Send mail to

  • subscribe elementary

  • No Subject

  • No signature line

Other lists
Other Lists

Thousands of Lists to join

Net 101
Net 101

  • Learn the “Net” on the “Net”

  • There are many on-line tutorials

  • Some are introductory and some are advanced

A gentle introduction to the internet
A Gentle Introduction to the Internet

  • What it the Internet?

  • Why Would I Want to Be Part of the Internet?

About the internet
About the Internet

Various tutorials and information on the Internet thanks to Netscape.

Beginners guide to life on the internet
Beginners Guide to Life on the Internet

The information in this section will provide a consistently reliable starting point for your own exploration of the Internet.

Good general sites
Good General Sites

  • Education Oriented with links

  • K-12 oriented

  • Grade level oriented

  • Subject oriented

Web66 a k12 world wide web project
Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project

Just as U.S. Highway Route 66 was a catalyst for Americana, we see the World Wide Web as a catalyst that will integrate the Internet into K12 school curricula.

Reber s resources for k 6 teachers
Reber's Resources for K-6 Teachers

This site is intended to help teachers cut down on the amount of time they spend looking for quality sites on the Internet.

Kid source on line k 12
Kid Source On-Line K-12

They have great articles and information that will help you raise your child from who is from 6 to 18 years old.

Sharing nasa
Sharing NASA

These projects allow students to share in the excitement of NASA's scientific and engineering pursuits like flying the shuttle, spacecraft explorations of distant planets, and space-based life sciences research.

Www 4 teachers
WWW 4 Teachers

For teachers powering learning with technology

Share curriculum
Share Curriculum

  • ISD sponsored Sharing


  • The art of finding “Stuff”

  • There are Millions of computers on the Net

  • Learn the techniques

  • Try it before your students

  • Yellow Pages Book

Search engines
Search Engines

  • A variety of Search Engines exist.

  • You should try various ones.

  • Search Tools for Mining the Internet

Kids safe surfing
Kids Safe Surfing

  • Yahooligans

  • Super Kids

  • Ask Jeeves for Kids

Lesson plans projects
Lesson Plans& Projects

  • Gold Mines

  • Sharing

  • No need to invent the Wheel

Chinese new year
Chinese New Year

  • Enhance your units with Web Resources


Fox exchange
Fox Exchange

  • Send your animal aroundthe country.

  • Writing, Sociology, Communications

  • Geography

  • Kids involved

  • Follow with E-mail


Lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources--linked with corresponding subject-area content standards.

School net
School Net

Sample Internet lesson Plans and Learning Projects

Magic school bus
Magic School Bus

  • Science unit materials

  • Free educational games

Global schoolnet s internet projects registry
Global SchoolNet'sInternet Projects Registry

Created for busy teachers who are searching for online projects for classroom integration.


They sell stuff but also offer a wide variety of on-line activities. Check out the teacher section.

Just 4 kids
Just 4 Kids

  • This is the ultimate family based site with lots of ideas for

    FUN! FUN! FUN!

Educational research studies
Educational Research & Studies

  • Studies are always being done

  • Current

  • At your finger tips

The impact of technology
The Impact of Technology

Surveys, Bibliographies, Literature Reviews, Articles, Reports, Case Studies and Additional Resources .

The story of dinosaurs
The Story of Dinosaurs

  • In a fossil and dinosaur unitFirst Grade students at Washington Elementary School explain how fossils provide evidence about the nature of ancient life.

Internet in the classroom

Educational Resources Information Center

Citing electronic materials guidelines
Citing Electronic Materials - Guidelines

The new MLA rules generally treat electronic materials as if they were printed texts that require additional information to be fully described.

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Make Time/Take Time

  • Experiment

  • Try one easy application

  • Then another

  • Then another

  • Publish and share what you do.