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a classroom with no walls using the internet in the english classroom n.
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A classroom with no walls: Using the Internet in the English classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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A classroom with no walls: Using the Internet in the English classroom

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A classroom with no walls: Using the Internet in the English classroom

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  1. A classroom with no walls: Using the Internet in the English classroom Dr. Elaine Hoter Kislev – December 2005 David Yellin Teacher’s College

  2. Pupil’s introduction Hello my name is Yoel. I live in Jerusalem, in the neighborhood, of Pisgat Zee'v. I am a nice person. My best friends are Aaron Yoram and Eitan. I have one brother Sam and one sister Miriam, and mom and dad of course. I love them all In my free time, I surf the internet, Especially the ICQ program and I also like to hang out with friends. I love Biter Jerusalem. I hope that we will have great time together. Yoel.

  3. Students teacher’s scanning exercise 1- you have mentioned you like to surf the Internet, can you find at least two other people who like to surf the Internet too? 2- can you find another person who lives in Pizgat Ze'ev? (Look for capital letters). 3- you said you have one sister and one brother, who else have one sister and one brother? 4- can you find another person whose name starts with Y? (Look for capital letters) 5- I read that only two people said they like to study Torah/Bible, can you find them? (Look in paragraph where they talk about free time)

  4. Pupil’s answers 1.I find two people who like Abe and Linda. 2. The person I found who lives in Pizgat Ze'ev are Tal, alon, Shiri and Ellen. 3. Ellen has one sister and one brother 4. Person with name starts with Yis Yossi. 5. Tali likes to study bible. 6. Sue loves horses. Jennifer I am sorry that we have to finish now. But I did my best!

  5. Students teacher response and reinforcement Dear Yoel You did excellent work. I can see you have tried hard to do the work. I am very proud of you Keep up the good work

  6. The Monster Project

  7. Monsters My monster is called "smiley" It has two triangular diagonal yellow eyes which are located on both sides of his head one on the left and one on the right, inside each of the eyes there is one little blue circle. His head is a yellow square, on the top corner of it there are two lilac nostrils and in the middle of his head there is a red triangle mouth. He has three orange hands on the right and three on the left. He has no body. Under his headthere are three purple legs- the one in the middle is thinner than the two on the right and left.

  8. My monster is not a real frightening monster, but more like a bird. It has a round body and a round head. They are both blue. It has a red T.V. on its head. It has two legs with three red fingers and two arms with also three red fingers. There is a red arrow going out from his stomach. It has yellow round eyes and the eye balls are red. It has a small pink triangular nose and pink hair

  9. Posters

  10. Where am I? A riddle on where I am in the world The students gave clues of where they were including parts of pictures and information and the pupils had to guess. Some of the pupils sent back their own riddle

  11. This is one part of the place I want you to find. This is a part of the map where this place is located. There is a lot of traffic around this area. It is one of the most spectacular buildings of the world. Can you guess where I am?

  12. i must say , u kinda stumped me there , i got no idea what this place is ! maybe another clue would help ?

  13. Hello Gordon how are you? I am sorry if the riddle is too hard but I will give you some more clues. Are you ready? It is one of the seven most beautiful places in the world. So which place is missing? Good luck my dear!! And Shabbat shalom!

  14. Pupil’s riddle Guess where I am! 1. Very strange pepole 2. Eat rice 3. Eyes diagonals 4. in asia 5. kong po

  15. Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day 1. There was a British prime minister who was murdered. Find who he was and when he was murdered. p://www.crikey.com.au/politics/2003/03/13-03march13murders.html 2. Find another leader who was murdered in the same month but in a different year that Rabin was murdered. Write his name and the exact date of his assassination. http://www.crikey.com.au/politics/2003/03/13-03march13murders.html 3. Go to this site about Gedalia:www.aish.com/holidays/the_high_holidays/articles/The_Fast_of_Gedalia.asp *Who was he? *Who killed him? *This site gives us three lessons to learn from his assassination. Which lesson do you think is the most appropriate one for Rabin too? 4. How do we remember Gedalia’s murder, and do you think that this way could also be appropriate for Rabin's memorial day?(use the same site in question 3)

  16. 1)Who was Rabin most famous partner for peace? His partner for peace was Shimon Pereshttp://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/rabin.html 2) Who was the Israeli foreign minister in Rabins government? Shimon Peres http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/rabin.html 3) Who came to Rabin’s funeral from Italy? Use this website to answer? Prime Minister Lamberto Dini, President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Foreign Minister Susanna Agnellihttp://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/funeral_whogoing/index.html 4) He was Rabin’s teacher from fourth to seventh grade___________. Who was he? Eliezer Smolihttp://www.rabincenter.org.il/site/en/rabin.asp?pi=17 5) His mother- Rosa, was one of the first members of the Haganah .http://www.otn.com/netking/http://www.otn.com/netking/ 6) On which day Rabin was buried? He was buried on November 4th, 1995http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/funeral/wrap/index.html 7) Where was Rabin shot ? ( the first name, before Kikar Rabin) He was shot on the "King's Square" http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/index.html 8) What did Rabin “get” for his 70­th birthday? When he was 70 he became a Prime minister and a Minister of Defense. http://www.amit.org.il/learning/english/Rabin/

  17. 9) Leah Rabin met her husband in the_Palmach10) How did Yitzhak Rabin start his career? I don’t know because this page is not exzist.http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9511/rabin/funeral/wrhttp://www.otn.com/netking/ap/index.html 11) Rabin wrote a book after the Operation Peace for Galilee in 1983. What was the book on? I didn’t find the answer. By the way its not fair because  everyone had 4-5 easy questions and I had 12 hard questions  And the last question that I want to ask you is: What did you feel when you heard about Rabin s death? I was only 5 and no one told me that he is dead.

  18. Dear Moshe it whas relly nice the flawers oyu send me, it whas relly lovly,,, because you give me work on rabin i want to tell you that i took part in the ceremony and read a few parts, it whas very nice... all the kids told me that it whas very beatiful and zery sad... in the end we were goinng to Miriam's room(the prencepeal) and drink somthing..it was very nicegood bay!

  19. The name of the holiday. What does Hanukah mean? Here is the link with the answer: http://www.torahtots.com/holidays/chanuka/chanstr.htm Do you know other meanings of the name by yourself? 1. The Hebrew word Hanukah shares the same root as the word "Chinuch"-Education. How do we educate our children about Hanukah? 2.Here is the link with my e-card for you. http://www.123greetings.com/events/hanukkah/happy/hanukkah2.html In this site you may find a nice e-card to send me about the name of the holiday. http://greetz.com/chanukah/ 3.Have a look on the Hanukah menorah click on them to make them big, and if you had $500 which one would you buy? Send me the picture. http://www.greenvurcel.co.il/gallery2.htm

  20. Hanukkah means "never lose hope" Hanukkah commamorats the victory. And the miracles that did hashem. I don't know other meanings for the holiday, but for me, Hanukkah is a very special holiday, For me, Hanukkah is to remind the Jewish peoples the miracles, and the hope we had many years ago. We educate our children during the Hanukkah when we actually celebrate the holiday. In school, there are teachers who teach about the macabeem and the hashmona'im And about the miracles, the menorah. HAVE A HAPPY HANUKKAH Slomit

  21. Joint Internet pages

  22. Here is my internet page on elephants. I hope you like it. i liove the work and its wary help me VERY VERY Nice Here's your prize !! Love Julie

  23. I chose football...Amm, i think i did well, but still, check it out, ok? I have only one thing to be sorry about in this assignment ( NOT THAT I HAVE ANYTHING TO BE SORRY ABOUT IN THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS!!! )- you told me to do only one page! and i had so much to write!, but never mind. ..

  24. Personalized newspaper Your assignment for today: Go to the Israeli news, under world category, and find two interesting headlines which describe what's going on in Israel. Go to The National Geographic for Kids and chose one game to play. Go to the national Geographic for kids. Go to NG kids magazine and find an article or a story about an animal. Go to lifestyles under this day in music. Go to charts and find names of three singles or tracks that you like. Find out what the weather will be like today. Go to lifestyles and find a movie you would like to see.

  25. 1. This are the two most interesting headlines: "Israeli Arabs Planned Suicide-Bombing ´Honeymoon". "IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Fence". 2. Name of the game: GeoBeGeoBee Challenge: Geography Triviallenge: Geography Trivia. . Shark Attack:3. In 1989, a teenager and two buddies, all of Newcastle, New South Wales, in Australia, were surfing in the Pacific Ocean with a school of dolphins. Suddenly agitated, the dolphins started zooming around under the boys, then surfacing and splashing vigorously. Adam saw a fin coming toward him, but it wasn't a dolphin. It was a tiger shark! The shark bit a foot-wide chunk from Adam's surfboard. Adam was knocked off his board, wounded. Then the shark turned and attacked again. The dolphins went after it, and the shark disappeared. Adam's human friends helped him to shore. He had cuts on his hip, thigh, and stomach. But thanks to the dolphins, Adam lived to ride the waves again. 4. The three singles and tracks are: -Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day. - Mr. Brightside by The Killers. -Vertigo by U2. -I Don't Know by Lostprophets. The weather of all the week: WEDNESDAYHi: 14°Lo: 5° THURSDAYHi: 12°Lo: 6° FRIDAYHi: 11°Lo: 4° SATURDAYHi: 12°Lo: 4°

  26. What is today's fun fact in the national geographic site? • Find one positive piece of news in the Israeli newspaper site. • What was the question in the insider poll in the newspaper? • Which answer did you choose? What were the results? • Did you like the film that was recommended in the snippets? • What will be the weather in Jerusalem in 3 days time? Make a report and record yourselves.

  27. Using film clips and advertisements Advertiser:SertaTitle: Consultaion with Attorney Product:Serta Mattresseshttp://www.advertisementave.com/tv/ad.asp?adid=293 1. Show the first second/ frame of the clip. (Sheep in court) Ask: Why do you think the sheep are in court? Who is suing who? (Think of sheep associations: their sound, wool, milk, counting sheep etc.)2. Watch the commercial without sound. Guess the content. Pupil: Write 2-3 sentences you think are in the commercial. Teacher: Write 5 of the guesses on the board.  3. Watch the commercial again, with the sound on. (2-3 times). Were the guesses correct? Is there a case? Is the complaint justified? Poll: If you were the judge, what would you say? 4. Task: write a complaint letter (using a template) about the sheep's complaint or about a complaint of your own.

  28. Interactive Whiteboard What do you feel regarding eating disorders? Express your feeling regarding this topic on the whiteboard. You can use pictures and drawings; you can add something written too. Open the link below and look at the following examples to get some ideas. Use the load button on the left to see some examples, or press the gallery button above. http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=8078&admin=true&java_version=java password:1188

  29. Song Joint power point presentations of a well known song The Hero  I’m sailing  Colors of the Wind