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Global Communications Summer Task. By George Bridson. The Past: My Background.

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The past my background
The Past: My Background

  • Over the past three years, I have been in two different school systems. After Primary School, I went to a Private school (Ashfold School). I stayed here for two years and achieved some of the highest grades of the year. After my time at Ashfold, we fought to get into my local secondary school, Waddesdon. Unfortunately, our attempts failed and I ended going to school at Buckingham School. I hated it and struggled to learn due to behaviour but my friends helped me through what seemed to be a difficult time.

  • I Live in a Village just outside of Aylesbury called Waddesdon.

  • With regards to talents, vocationally I race karts. We used to have our own kart and race for a team(KR-SPORT). Unfortunately I out grew the class and couldn’t fit in the next class up. Going back to the video, communication is very important especially between driver and team. Often during a race hand signals were used to help mechanics communicate between them and the drivers. This was more on a driving level because I only had the ability to choke the engine (if it was too hot) or adjust the jets on the carburettor (to change the fuel to air mix).

The past continued
The Past: Continued

  • I enjoy school when I feel that I am learning as oppose to not. Even if I am struggling in a subject I will strive to succeed. I enjoy science, especially physics and maths, fortunately for engineering. I am also really looking forward to the engineering topic as the skills I will learn are skills I have wanted to learn but have never been able to.

  • Finally on a personal note, I am obsessed with motorsport. I have a real ambition to be working either on engines or on the aero side of formula 1 cars and I hope that Silverstone UTC can help me achieve this. Below are some pictures from my past.

My Kart

Ashfold School

The present
The Present

  • Over the Summer Holidays, I have been working with the Formula 3 team T-Sport. Here I have been doing the odd jobs that are not car related to keep the mechanics from having to do it. There was one job where I had to clean the orning floor (which consists of around 150 tiles of around 1.5m x 0.5m). This took a whole day but helped everyone else prepare for the nurburgring. The team have also let me do some work on the cars to give me a little experience. This has been invaluable. Communication within T-Sport is key, especially with the liaison between engineers and mechanics/drivers. This communication is in the form of data for drivers and setup sheets for mechanics.

  • With regards to my family team, I have the most important job of mowing the lawn. Oh and tidying my room. The communication between me and my parents is key as they always show interest in our interests and support me and my brother in our ventures. This communication is in the form of a dinner time conversation.

The future
The Future

  • For me, as Silverstone has such a link with formula 1 and with formula 1 teams linked to the UTC, this opportunity could make my career in motorsport. As previously stated, I would either like to be in the engine or aerodynamics side of engineering. It is also great to have Adrian Newey as a UTC patron. Due to the UTC links, carrying the brand on my CV will be fantastic.

  • I would like to play a part in a Formula 1 teams development (like Adrian Newey at Red Bull) and eventually having a car or engine that a team of guys with me have designed and evolved. In my mind, the harder I graft the sooner I can say ‘I helped do that.’