healthy eating habits for the whole family n.
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Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family

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Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family. By: Laura Burk MPH, RD, LDN Personal Trainer Inability to manage our own eating habits makes us over manage our children ’ s eating habits. How Do You Eat???. 3 Types of Nutrition Attitudes.

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Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family

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healthy eating habits for the whole family

Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family

By: Laura Burk MPH, RD, LDN

Personal Trainer

3 types of nutrition attitudes
3 Types of Nutrition Attitudes

Intense, careful, and committed

Failing, and feeling bad about it

Couldn’t care less about nutrition

dietary guidelines
Dietary Guidelines

Variety- Eat a lot of different types of foods

Even the foods you do not like

Moderation- try not to eat as much as you are hungry for

Balance-put together meals you would rather not eat

balance should and wants
Balance… should and wants

Meals are chores for adults

Children only eat what tastes good for them

Your child’s eating attitudes and behaviors are more important than what he/she actually eats on any given day. If his/her attitudes and behaviors are healthy, he/she will eat well and get the nutrition he needs.

what is normal eating
What is Normal Eating?

Going to the table hungry and eating until satisfied.

Choose foods you like and know when to stop eating it.

Give thought to your food selection for health.

Permission to eat regardless of your mood.

Includes meals and snacks.

Consumes one important area of your life.



what is a healthy eater
What is a Healthy Eater?

Likes to eat and feels good about eating

Interested in food and takes charge of eating



Experiment with new foods

Knows how much to eat

Good table manners

children habits
Children Habits

Children gradually master foods that their parents eat by the age of 6

Age 12 they will have your eating habits

Children need structure, limits, and room to explore

at the table
At The Table

Meals should contain both

Protein, starch, vegetable, bread, and calcium

Familiar food with challenging foods

10-20 tastes before a child will like it


1500 –2500 calories

20% protein

50% carbohydrate

30% fat

1500 milligrams of sodium

25 grams of fiber

1300 milligrams of calcium

600 international units of Vitamin D

Sugar in moderation

one meal
One Meal

Preparation should include the kids

Same food and meals for all at the table

More than one meal creates a picky eater


Children are born with the will to survive and the drive to eat

Blueprints for height and weight

Our kids learn from us, but we should learn more from our kids

No good and bads, right or wrongs…only what is best for you and your family

Be positive


Children will learn to be a healthy eater

bite by bite,

food by food,

meal by meal


Parents are responsible to what, where and when to eat;

Children are responsible for how much and whether to eat or not