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  1. color coded flow chart on next page

  2. Direct Instruction: Life during the early part of the twentieth century was marked by tremendous change—political, social, psychological, and spiritual. Each decade seemed to bring a new upheaval, and each upheaval required a new adjustment in attitude. These changes were reflected in a new period in American literature, called modernism. Monday, June 11 : (45 minutes) American Dream Essay—Final Draft Today you will finish the final essay for English 11 you started last week. Remember, you are aiming to score as close to a 4 as possible. If you finish early, continue to revise your essay until you achieve a score of 4 or higher across all categories. Essays will be due AT THE END OF CLASS. Wednesday, June 13: (45 Minutes) Getting Prepared for Senior Year— With one final year of high school left, we will prepare a checklist of things necessary to have a successful Senior year of high school and prepare for college. The handout provided will act as a blueprint for the 2012-2013 school year. Friday, June 15 : (All Day) Class Survey and End of Year Reflection Classroom Housekeeping Collaborative Station: The ‘New’ American Dream In the last several weeks, we’ve explored the evolution of the American Dream. What you and your collaborative group members will do is create diagram detailing the new aspects of the American Dream of the 21st century. Monday: Finish your projects today and be ready to turn in by the end of class. The rubric is available on the ATAMS website. Wednesday: Achieve3000 and Classwork distribution and housekeeping. Individual Instruction Complete all four steps in Achieve 3000 for each day it is assigned. Finishing articles and the work is the only way to improve your reading level score. Monday, June 11, 2012 Achieve3000 (20 minutes) Spidey Skin Power! An experiment proved that human skin reinforced with spider silk is strong enough to withstand a .22 caliber bullet fired at half speed. Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Not Quite The Mona Lisa Achieve 3000 (20 minutes) A copy of the famous "Mona Lisa" painting was recently restored, revealing that it is probably the earliest imitation of the masterpiece.