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  1. Baseball Histology: Tissues & Skin

  2. Identify all four general tissue types Answer: epithelial, connective, muscular & nervous Which of the four basic types is described below: Contains free edge Lines hollow organs Anchored by basement membrane Answer: Epithelial tissue Questions:

  3. Which of the four basic types is described below: Lack blood vessels, Readily divide Cells are tightly packed Answer: Epithelial tissue Questions: • Which of the four basic types is described below: • Attached to bone • Found in the heart • Walls of hollow organs • Answer: Muscular tissue

  4. What does the term squamous mean or indicate? Answer: Flat, fish scale shaped cells What does the prefix epi- mean? Answer: upon or above Questions:

  5. Describe tissue that is “pseudostratified”. Answer: Pseudo means false Stratified means more than one layer Cell arrangement is truly a single layer, but looks multi layered because of nuclei that are in two rows instead of one Questions:

  6. What are cilia and describe their function. Answer: Hairlike projections which help propel mucus Identify the protein which kills epithelial cells, but makes them waterproof. Answer: Keratin Questions:

  7. Name the four layers the epidermis from deepest to outermost. Answer: Germinativum, granulosum, lucidum, corneum Which of the four basic tissue types is classified according to shape & cell arrangement? Answer: EPITHELIAL Questions:

  8. Which connective tissue is the most rigid? Answer: Bone Questions: • Name that tissue • Type & Subtype • Answer: Connective/Adipose

  9. What type of muscle tissue is best described below: Voluntarily controlled Multinucleated Answer: Skeletal muscle Identify the subtype: Answer: Simple Columnar (Epithelium) Questions:

  10. Name that tissue Type & Subtype Answer: Connective/Blood Name the two types of nervous tissue cells. Answer: Neuron & Neuroglia Questions:

  11. Name that Subtype Answer: Simple Columnar Epithelium Identify area labeled #4. Answer: Basement Membrane Questions:

  12. Name that tissue Type & Subtype Answer: Pseudostratfied Columnar What is the non living portion of connective called? Answer: the matrix Questions:

  13. Name that subtype Answer: Stratified Cubdoial Conductivity & excitability are characteristics of which type of tissue? Answer: Nervous Questions:

  14. Name that muscle tissue Answer: Smooth What are two functions of neuroglia? Answer: support, binding, phagocytosis, insulation Questions:

  15. Identify area #2. Answer: Pili Muscle Questions: • Identify area #10. • Answer: Blood Vessels

  16. Name that type of muscle. Answer: Skeletal Name that cell! Answer: Neuron Questions:

  17. Name that tissue Type & Subtype Answer: Simple Cuboidal Where do you find adipose tissue? Answer: beneath skin, surface of heart, behind eyeballs, around kidneys Questions:

  18. Name that tissue type & Subtype! Answer: Muscular/ Cardiac Skin is composed of two distinct layers, name them. Answer: epidermis & dermis Questions:

  19. Where is this subtype found? Answer: mouth throat, anal canal, vagina What is area #1 Answer: Free Surface Questions:

  20. Identify the stratum of epidermis that is completely dead. Answer: Corneum Name two of the four classes of connective tissue Answer: proper, bone, blood, loose Questions:

  21. Name that tissue Type & Subtype Answer: Simple Squamous Epithelium What is melanin and what is its function? Answer: pigment that protects the nuclei of the cell Questions: