immigrate to berne the capital city of switzerland n.
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Immigrate to Berne: The capital city of Switzerland! PowerPoint Presentation
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Immigrate to Berne: The capital city of Switzerland!

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Immigrate to Berne: The capital city of Switzerland! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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immigrate to berne the capital city of switzerland

Immigrate to Berne: The capital city of Switzerland!

Berne is an extremely popular destination in Switzerland which appeals to tourists who are on a short fly

by visit as well as immigrants to Switzerland who are looking for a permanent home to work, live and

settle in Europe with simple and easy visa process. This picturesque, world heritage city is the capital of

Switzerland and is situated on a scenic hilly region by the Aare River. Berne also known as ‘Bern’. It is

famous for its provincial atmosphere, and eclectic mix of Swedish, French and German cultures.

Things to see and do in Berne as part of immigration to Europe

Berne city is well known for its old world charm and scenic pathways. Immigrants to Europe can

encounter the unique charm and culture of Berne at every turn of the road. Take a walk through old

town in Berne and get a taste of what life must have been many years ago. You can walk down the

arched roads of the town, gaze at the beautiful fountains and statues while walking down the beautiful

streets. Immigration to Europe offers best places to visit such as Gurten park set nearly 858 meters

above sea level is another favored destination for immigrants and tourists to Europe alike. One can

enjoy a rigorous climb up to the park and take in some awe inspiring views of the capital city. One can

also visit any of the various museums in the city such as the Einstien museum, where one can learn all

about the life of the famous physicist Einstein, and many other historical museums that detail not only

the history and culture of the city of Berne but also of Switzerland and beyond. Immigrants to Europe

can also visit the many art galleries that are spread around the city. Immigrants to Europe can also visit

any of the grand official buildings that are used by the modern day bureaucracy to run the country just

like in the erstwhile years.

getting around in berne upon european immigration

Getting Around in Berne upon European Immigration

Immigrants to Europe can appreciate the liberty of getting around in Berne with relative ease. The public

transport system in Berne is as efficient as most other cities in Europe. Special discounts are available for

senior citizens who live in Swiss after their European Immigration, as well as students who arrive to

Switzerland on European study visa, which can be availed of by immigrants as well. The city of Berne,

being the capital city of Switzerland is well-connected to the neighboring towns through a well-

established network of trains, trams and buses. Walking on foot is also a good option for many who

want to explore the beautiful city at a leisurely pace, as many of the landmarks are situated within easy

walking distance of each other in Berne’s beautiful locales.

Moving to Berne with young children as European Immigrant

Immigrants in Europe who live in Berne with their families can choose from various options when it

comes to the right education for their young children. The residents of the city need to mandatorily send

their children to school from the age of four onwards, just as in the rest of Switzerland. Immigrants to

Berne, can either choose to provide their children with immersive education at a public school or can

register their children at a private school where they will be instructed in English and have expats from

all over the world as their classmates. Immigrants to Europe, living in Berne can also find many child care

options at affordable prices where children get after school care. The Tourists to Europe, who visit on

holidays,also get to enjoy the beauties of Berne and the historical facts it offers on a short trip for those

travelling on European Tourist visa or Schengen Visa.