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Southern Europe

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Southern Europe The Iberian Peninsula Spain Portugal The Iberian Peninsula Andorra Madrid, Spain’s capital city Spain: Past meets Present Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city Portugal: The Western Edge Portugal was a leading nation during the Age of Discovery

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southern europe

Southern Europe

The Iberian Peninsula

portugal the western edge

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city

Portugal:The Western Edge
  • Portugal was a leading nation during the Age of Discovery
  • Vasco da Gama set sail for the New World from the city of Belém
andorra perched in the pyrenees

Andorra la Vella, the capital city of Andorra

Andorra:Perched in the Pyrenees
  • Andorra is a small country (185 square miles)
  • It is perched high in the Pyrenees, dividing Spain and France
the land
The Land
  • The Iberian Peninsula—High and Rugged
    • Northern region—Pyrenees Mountains divide the peninsula from the rest of Europe.
    • Southern region—Sierra Nevada range
the meseta
Meseta = a huge central plateau

Meseta – “tableland”

Plateau – a flat landmass higher than the surrounding land

Covers 2/3 of the peninsula

Farmers raise wheat and vegetables

Irrigation is necessary because of the dry climate and poor, reddish-yellow soil

Farmers also herd sheep and goats

The Meseta
the meseta8
The Meseta
  • Many major rivers begin in the Meseta:
    • The Tagus, Spain’s longest river
    • The Guadalquivir, flows from the Meseta to the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Guadalquivir River Basin is in southern Spain
the climate
Coastal areas:

Mediterranean climate

Mild winters

Hot summers

Northern areas:

Marine west coast climate

Warm winds from the Atlantic bring a lot of rain

The Climate
  • The Meseta:
    • Cold winters, hot summers, very little rain
the economy
The Economy
  • Tourism and farming benefits all three countries on the Iberian Peninsula
  • Both Spain and Portugal are developing countries; they are catching up with other EU countries in economic devlopment
tourism spain
  • Sunny climate
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Storybook castles
la alhambra
La Alhambra
  • Mohammed I turned a 9th century castle, in Granada, into his royal residence.
  • La Alhambra is one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture in the world
  • It is among Europe’s most visited tourist attractions
tourism portugal
  • Relics of the past
    • Architecture
  • Beautiful beaches
    • Water sports
  • Golf
tourism andorra
  • What about Andorra?
    • Skiing
    • Shopping
    • Mountain Climbing
the economy spain
The Economy--Spain
  • Growing industrial and service economy
    • Machinery, Trucks, Cars, Clothing
  • Farming and Fishing
    • Acres and acres of olive groves
      • World’s largest producer of olive oil
    • Also export citrus fruits, cork, and wine
the economy portugal
The Economy--Portugal
  • Benefits from textile (clothing)
  • Subsistence farming
    • Wine grapes, citrus fruits, olives, rice, cork, wheat
    • World’s leading exporter of cork
the people
The People
  • Spain and Portugal share similar histories and cultures.
  • Iberians migrated from North Africa
    • Romans later followed from Italy
    • Moors also came from North Africa
  • Culture, religion, and architecture were influenced by these early civilizations
the people18
The People
  • By the late 1900s…
    • Independent
    • Powerful
    • Roman Catholic
  • Sponsored…
    • Christopher Columbus
    • Vasco da Gama
the culture portugal
The Culture--Portugal
  • Portugal developed a unified culture based on the Portuguese language
the culture spain a country of different countries
The Culture—Spain“A country of different countries”
  • Spain’s regions remain culturally unique
    • Castile
      • Has dictated the culture for centuries
      • The dialect of the Castilian people became the major language of Spain
        • dialect – a local form of language
    • Catalonia
      • Speak Catalan, a language related to French
    • Galicia (northwest) and Andalusia (south) also have unique cultural traditions
    • Basque
      • In northern Spain
      • Speak a language unlike any other in Europe
      • Think of themselves as separate from Spain—want their own independence
the running of the bulls pamplona spain
The Running of the BullsPamplona, Spain

  • The Running of the Bulls takes place in Pamplona, Spain to help kick off the festival of San Fermin, during the fiesta week (early to mid July)