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NS1000 V3.0 - Hospitality features- PowerPoint Presentation
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NS1000 V3.0 - Hospitality features-

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NS1000 V3.0 - Hospitality features- - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NS1000 V3.0 - Hospitality features-. Rev1.1 31 July., 2013. Table of Contents. 1. Overview 2. Features 3. How to program. Chapter 1 Overview. 1. Overview. Solution. Use special hotel features for effective and productive management. * Features New for V3. Features and Benefits >>.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Features

3. How to program


Chapter 1



1. Overview


Use special hotel features for effective and productive management.

* Features New for V3

Features and Benefits >>

Wake-up Calls/ Remote Wake-up Calls

Available to set from 3rd Party SIP phone

Hotel guests can set various wake-up call message.

Wake-up calls can also be set by an operator.

  • 2 phones can be allocated with same EXT No. at each room

Any combination of phone devices can be allocated at each room

under same EXT number.

  • MW lamp supported on 3rd Party SIP phone*

MW lamp on 3rd Party SIP phone can be controlled.

Check-in/check-out room status monitor

Can check Room Status at a glance.

Check-in/Check-out Room Status Monitor

  • Property Management System (PMS) interface

A variety of hotel functions are possible when combined with a Fedelio or other PMS system.

Including check in/out, wake up calls, message waiting LED , room status, and call accounting.

External relay control

External sensing devices, such as security alarms or smoke detectors, can be installed


Chapter 2



2-1. Enhancement of 3rd party SIP Device

Function Overview

  • NS1000 will support following function from V3.0 for 3rd party SIP device
  • Message waiting indication
  • There are 2 types of methods to deliver MWI to 3rd party SIP devices.
  • NS1000 will support both type of Message interface
  • a) Unsolicited mode :MWI without SIP subscription
  • b) Standard mode :MWI with SIP subscription (*1)
  • 2) Timed Reminder (available for UT phone as well)  Time reminder control operation and function is same as level as SLT.
  • Following table shows 3rd Party SIP device, available above function

Note: *1 There is limitation. Max 64 SLT can be controlled by this mode




2-1. Enhancement of 3rd party SIP Device

Enhanced Video Phone connection

V3 will support P2P connection with H263(V2)/264(V3) video codec I/F


Hold and transfer operation from/to

Video Phone is now supported

SIP Carrier




2-2. Features on TDE/NCP V4.2, V5, V6

Function Overview

NS1000 now catch up TDE/NCP V5 and V6 functions from V3.0

Following functions will be available

DECT Paging without PS setting

Emergency Alert

Duplicate numbering plan for Hotel function


Chapter 3

Function and programing


3. Function and Program

3.1 DECT Paging

1. Conference group call can be answered automatically without automatic

Setting for each extension. 2. PT user can start “talking” by dialing any key during broadcasting mode,

as well as DECT user.

<PBX Configuration> -> <3. Group> -> <9. Conference Group >

Automatic Answer

Enable: Automatic Answer Mode

Disable: No automatic Answer

Ability to Talk

Enable: PT/DECT can stat to talk

Disable: Can not start to talk

How to make Conference Call

Note: Conference group call has to be enabled

or coordinator using class of service.


3. Function and Program

3.2 Emergency Alert -1

Emergency alert is displayed on PC installed in office, when emergency number is dialed from guest room. This feature is for SMDR based application such as Panasonic CA Call Accounting (free of charge).

Note 1. Alert is displayed twice. 2. Duration is output as zero second after dialing. 3. Version up is NOT required for CA Call Accounting

4. Up to 10 Emergency Dial can set up

5. System Option must be enabled


3. Function and Program

3.2 Emergency Alert -2

1. System setting for Emergency Notification timing

<PBX Configuration> -> <11. Maintenance> -> <1. Main > -> <SMDR Option TAB>

Select Emergency Notification either

Stat and End Call or End call

2. Emergency Dial data

<PBX Configuration> -> <7. TRS> -> <4. Emergency Dial >

Enter Emergency Dial up to 30 digits


3. Function and Program

3.3 Duplicate Numbering plan for Hotel -

Duplicated extension numbering for hotel is now available by NS1000

On Right hand case, Extension # and Room Number can be matched.

In this case following operation is available

<One digit call>Dial 2 + Time Out or dial # to call extension 2 for room service.Dial 201 to call extension 201.

<Room No. = Extension No.>Dial 101 + Time Out or dial # to call Ext 101 (Room 101 )Dial 1011 to call Ext 1011 (Room 1011)


This function is controlled by Reserved Bit

(Default is Disable)

<Hotel Room /Extension Number>



3. Function and Program

3.3 Duplicate Numbering plan for Hotel -2

Activate Duplicate Extension Numbering

<PBX Configuration> -> <2. System> -> <9. System Option > -> <Reserved Bit TAB>

Reserved Bit 0E-2 must be on to enable this function


3. Function and Program

3.3 Duplicate Numbering plan for Hotel -3

Programing Hint

To realize sample Extension number configuration and One digits service,

following program setting must be done

1,1xx,10xx,11xx can be assigned

as Extension number

<Hotel Room /Extension Number>



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