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Plaza Dental Group - Dentist in Des Moines PowerPoint Presentation
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Plaza Dental Group - Dentist in Des Moines

Plaza Dental Group - Dentist in Des Moines

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Plaza Dental Group - Dentist in Des Moines

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  4. DENTAL IMPLANTS • Dental implants can replace one single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, and no other option to replace missing teeth has proven as effective and durable as implants. A small titanium cylinder is placed in the space of the missing tooth. • Once the implant is placed, we let it heal, then take impressions and make a crown. • Multiple missing teeth, we can do multiple implants and place crowns over them.

  5. Dental Implants 2 • We can replace them with dentures that attach to the implants • Titanium is a material that the mouth and tissues around the teeth take to well • There are no side effects after doing the implants • It is a pain free procedure

  6. Cosmetic Dentistry • Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure that makes a tooth or a whole smile look beautiful. • Cover stain • Chipped teeth • Broken teeth •  make teeth white and pretty again. Using cosmetic dentistry • A smile makeover essentially revamps a patient's smile by straightening, whitening, or replacing missing teeth.

  7. Porcelain Veneers • Porcelain veneers are beautiful coverings that are produced in a lab and then placed over chipped or broken teeth. • A patient might need one veneer, while another patient may need 24 veneers. • And the results make for natural looking and beautiful smiles; our patients love their smiles after they have had veneers placed on their teeth. • You can also brush your teeth as you would normally. • Keeping them clean is important. • While porcelain veneers are resistant to stains, they can still become discoloured if not properly cleaned

  8. Smile Makeovers • We use smile makeovers to give them a brighter and whiter smile – free of gaps and crooked teeth. •  A smile makeover is ideal to fix crooked, discoloured, or worn down teeth. • Teeth can be straightened, whitened, or restored. • Treatments used porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants, and even traditional or invisible braces. • Straightening is done using braces and invisible aligners for people who want to fix their misaligned teeth.

  9. Teeth Whitening • We offer three types of teeth whitening in our office – KöR Whitening, ZOOM! Whitening, and basic whitening take-home trays.KöR Whitening system is meant for people who need intrinsic cleaning or tetracycline cleaning. • ZOOM! Whitening is an in-office whitening procedure where the patient comes in to the dental office to get the whitening done • Basic whitening comes in the form of take-home whitening trays. • This involves taking impressions of the patient's teeth and creating plastic trays for them to wear. • A special whitening gel is then placed into the plastic tray, and the patient wears it for 1 to 4 hrs over his teeth

  10. Invisalign • The Invisalign system is a clear alternative to traditional metal braces, and can be used on teenagers and adults alike to create the smile they desire. • Invisalign aligners are easy to clean and easy to keep clean, which is especially important for teenagers. • Having clean teeth during treatment helps keep bacteria, cavities, and decay away, which is a problem with traditional metal braces. • They can be removed  brushed, and cleaned.

  11. Gum Disease • Sort of gum disease, the early stages of which is gingivitis. This is when the gums become swollen, sore, and bleed.  • Gum disease is a serious issue and is the major cause of tooth loss. • If left untreated, the gums will loosen around the teeth and the teeth will not have support to keep them in place which, leads to their loss.  • Gum disease and the gums bleed, the bacteria from the mouth gets into your system by going into your bloodstream.

  12. Then the bacteria go into the arteries near your heart, so gum disease is closely linked to heart disease. • We are now realizing that when you take care of your gums, you are also taking care of your heart. • The same thing is true for diabetes and several other inflammatory processes. • Research shows that the plaque that builds up in arteries and leads to heart.

  13. Crowns and Bridges • Crowns and bridges help restore a smile that has gaps in it. • crown protects a tooth that has been affected by a crack, filling, decay, or cavity from breakage. • Its job is to save a damaged tooth. • People wearing crowns and bridges have to take extra care when eating and cleaning their teeth.

  14. Root Canals • When a tooth is infected, and we want to save it, a root canal is the best option.  • We numb the tooth and clean out the infected area, which is the root portion of the tooth, or the nerve. • The remaining gap or ‘canal’ is filled with a stable material and sealed off. • Finally, the tooth is properly restored with a crown as a covering to give it stability. • This is done to make sure the tooth is strong enough to function.  •  A root canal can save you from losing your natural tooth, and can also help you to chew and speak properly.

  15. Sleep Apnea • Sleep Apnea is a condition where a person experiences periods of interrupted sleep during their sleep time. • With Sleep Apnea, the person keeps waking up and losing sleep because they stop breathing or cannot catch their breath. • The only solution to treating Sleep Apnea had been using a C-PAP machine. • This is a big gangly machine that plugs in and helps the patient breathe all night long. • It is a big apparatus, and not the most comfortable tool. 

  16. Sleep Apnea 2 • Easier way to treat Sleep Apnea and it does not involve machinery. • We can create a dental appliance that positions the jaw so the patient’s airway stays open while they sleep. • When Sleep Apnea occurs, the tongue usually falls back and constricts the airway. • The dental appliance positions the jaw in a way that prevents this and keeps the airway clear. • With these simple appliances, they are able to breathe freely throughout the night and get the right amount of oxygen, without being interrupted while they sleep. • Dental appliances are becoming more popular for treating Sleep Apnea because they are not bulky and are comfortable to wear

  17. New Patients Contact Us • Patient Forms» Helpful Links» Patient Education» • Finance Options