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The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary Club PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary Club

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The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary Club - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary Club
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  1. Be a Public Image Representative in your ClubPresented by: Simon D SwanDistrict 9370 PRPI ChairAsst RPIC Zone 20A Southern Africa

  2. The Importance of Publicity & How It Affects Your Rotary Club "In the promotion of understanding, it is important to reach large numbers, non-Rotarians as well as Rotarians, and you cannot reach large numbers privately." ~Paul Harris

  3. What Is Public Relations? • PR gains an organization or individual exposure to their audiences; ie: ‘The local community’ • PR helps organizations [Rotary] and its local community adapt mutually to each other. • PR can be used to build rapport with the local community, the general public and creates awareness of ‘What’s Rotary’. [Public Image!] • PR spreads information to gain public awareness for a person to become interested in service, causes and our organization, and can be seen as a catalyst to joining Rotary…………….Members!

  4. Does RI Encourage PR? YES!!!! • According to RI: • Public Relation efforts are VITAL to Rotary’s continued • growth & service………….. Members! • Creating a positive image for Rotary is the • responsibility of EVERY Rotarian, locally & globally.

  5. Common Misconceptions • Everyone has heard of Rotary. – “No they have not!” • Everyone knows what Rotary involves. – “They think we are a charity organization!” • Just because YOU know you’re in Rotary, YOU assume everyone else does too! “wear that pin!” • If someone really wanted to be in Rotary, they’d ask you about joining your club. “Really-is it that simple”? • Service Clubs are no longer dominant forces.-True! • NGO’s, Business,Social networks, and Charities are all getting into philanthropy. – True! • Do we think:”We have always done it like this!” • TIME TO CHANGE! – TRUE!

  6. Ways To Promote Rotary • Promote - via the media [Social & Print] , Project Signs, Banners- club activities which address important community issues, and expose what Rotary does!. • Develop a club Facebook page and encourage community organizations and individuals to link to it. • Solicit third party endorsements of Rotary projects. • Ask beneficiaries of Rotary service to speak or endorse publically on behalf of the club. • Publicize member participation in club activities in business and trade periodicals as well as at their work places. [ membership certificates on display in the office] • Wear Rotary Regalia in public - On yourself-on your car!

  7. Ways To Promote Rotary • Arrange for Rotary displays in local libraries, Banks, Shopping malls,Schools,Universities. • Produce a video or take pictures of club activity. Download onto You Tube,Pinterest , your club Facebook page, Rotary Africa, - Keep the local press informed - make them part of Rotary!. • Promote & Encourage Rotary’s work with young people. Mentor and help form an Earlyact,Interact or Rotaract Club. • Seek opportunities for Rotarians to speak at community events & Schools. { Parents are exposed to ‘What’s Rotary’!]

  8. Ways to Promote Rotary • Wear Rotary branding, pins, shirts, etc. Make it a habit NOT just at meetings!. Promote items from the Rotary Shops. • Place old copies of Rotary Africa, [Endorse with Club contact details] in local Business Receptions, Doctor's /Dentists Rooms, Hospitals, etc.) • Use signage throughout the community. - Team up with other Community organizations. Use mutual ground areas at Schools, Churches to Display Rotary Signage. A Donation a month is better than paying Municipal rent! • Think outside of the box. BUT keep it legal! • GO BIG! – Think Brand Rotary!

  9. What Does “GO BIG” Mean? • Update old Regalia at your club’s meeting place. {Rotary meets signs} Pull up banners, etc [reusable and portable] • Use a large sign or banner and display it at community Projects, festivals and events your Club does. [Bannerwalls] • Speak to the Municipality about displaying signage permanently in the community. [Not an easy one] so go the School & Church route! • Join forces with another service organization and create a “welcome to” sign for your community with emblems on the sign. Rotary-Lions-Round Table and Share the cost. • If you can brand your business why cant you brand your Rotary Club or is it embarrassing and private? We do so much more than Social and Business networks! • Show Your Rotary Colours!

  10. More Ways to “GO BIG” • Get Municipality permission to place the wheel emblem at various public places (parks, roadways, etc.) Environmental projects! - Sponser a Traffic Circle! • Ask your Local Shopping mall to become partners in fund raising efforts . Coin fountains, collection points etc • Start a flea market or regular community event • Encourage members to be ambassadors for Rotary! • If you enjoy Rotary - Encourage others - GO BIG!

  11. Examples of GOING BIG!

  12. Why Publicity is Important “Publicity is a necessity in the world of volunteer work. If you look at it as ‘tooting your own horn,’ it develops a negative connotation.” But if you can view publicity as a way to reach out to people in need and people who can help you in your efforts to do good, then you will have discovered a treasure that provides an unending supply of resources.

  13. Wondering Where To Start? • Appoint a ‘PRPI’ [Public Relations Public Image] person or team within your club who will promote and liaise media coverage, Look after the club facebook page and website, keep the clubs Regalia updated, and foster and project the image of Rotary. • Encourage members to: DRESS THE PART • Wear their Rotary Pins at all times not just to Club meetings. • Wear Rotary branded clothing at events. • Wear the face of Rotary in public • Encourage members to: ACT THE PART • Follow the 4 way test. • Invite friends and colleagues to Rotary Club meetings and events. • Talk the Talk, Walk the Talk – I am a Rotarian! • Use the Sergeant at-arms to foster fellowship and belonging. Get the members out the closet and make them proud of being a Rotarian! Remind them of the day they got inducted ‘wear this pin with pride every day’ • Above all make Rotary FUN!

  14. YOU ARE ROTARY • Engage new and old members and share Rotary Stories with visitors to meetings. • BE welcoming • BE friendly • BE conversational • BE a good listener • BE sincere • BE Rotaries Public Image!

  15. Billboards

  16. Pull up Banners

  17. Business Cards

  18. District 9370 website • District Links • RI Webinars • Rotary Club Central • Rotary Showcase • Rotary Shop in D9400 • ClubRunner Training • RI Exchange Rates • Downloads • Creating a Facebook Page • RI-CR Integration - advantages & procedures • RI-CR Integration - the nuts and bolts • Steps to successful PR Public Image Strategies • Rotary Club Central Instructions • 2013-14 AC-AG Contacts • 2013-14 Area & Group Structure

  19. Thank You - Think Rotary!