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Discussion . According to this quotation, how did Hitler want to put Lebensraum into effect with the German invasion of Poland? He wanted to gain land for Germany by annihilating the Polish people. New Order in Europe.

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  • According to this quotation, how did Hitler want to put Lebensraum into effect with the German invasion of Poland?

    He wanted to gain land for Germany by annihilating the Polish people.

New order in europe
New Order in Europe

  • Organization of occupied Europe: The Nazis controlled the territory they had conquered either through direct annexation or through the administration of German military or civilian officials.

  • Resettlement in the east: Hitler's plan for eastern Europe involved removing the region's Slavic peoples and replacing them with ethnic German settlers. Shortly after the conquest of Poland, Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, began a program to move a million Poles out of western Poland and into southern Poland. After the war, the Germans hoped to make slave laborers of Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians and settle Germans on the vacated lands.

  • Slave labor in Germany: By 1944, about 20 percent of Germany's workforce consisted of forced laborers from elsewhere in Europe. However, the use of such laborers disrupted industries in Nazi-occupied countries and stiffened resistance against the occupying forces.


  • Why did the Nazis want to "Germanize" areas of Europe that they had cleared of their original inhabitants?

    The Nazis thought the Germans were a superior race and that by settling in areas cleared of their original inhabitants they would "Germanize" those lands and claim them for Germany.


  • Why might the Nazis have wanted to use slave labor, instead of German citizens, to keep their war machine running?

    The Nazis did not have to pay for this labor and it freed Germans to do other tasks.


  • Early victories in the war allowed Hitler to keep the ravages of war from Germany. He took food, raw materials, and labor from the territories he conquered. Women were spared the struggle of working in defense industries, since millions of slave laborers did the work that could not be done by German men at the front. Most forced laborers were worked to exhaustion under poor conditions, and many were killed when they could no longer work.

Beginnings of the holocaust
Beginnings of the Holocaust

  • Racial struggle and plan for genocide: Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat in World War I and for the Great Depression. The Nazis called for a Final Solution— the extermination of the Jewish people.

  • The Einsatzgruppen: Reinhard Heydrich of the SS created a special strike force called the Einsatzgruppen to round up Polish Jews. The Nazis moved Polish Jews to ghettos and tried to starve them to death, but many Jews organized and fought back. The Einsatzgruppen also used mobile units to round up Soviet Jews and execute them on the spot.


  • What was the purpose of the Einsatzgruppen?

    To carry out the Final Solution or the genocide of the Jewish people.


  • Reinhard Heydrich created the Einsatzgruppen, or "deployment groups," to increase the efficiency of the killing process his Gestapo or SS (Secret State Police) had already used in taking over the German army and its intelligence services. One of the worst killings took place in Baby Yar, a ravine outside Kiev, Russia, where hundreds of thousands of the Einsatzgruppen's victims were dumped and buried.