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Bad Ad Power Point PowerPoint Presentation
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Bad Ad Power Point

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Bad Ad Power Point - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bad Ad Power Point
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Bad Ad Power Point Mallory

  2. Disgusting Ads • This is an ad that shows that people should stop whaling. This ad is disgusting because it is a gross picture and is very graphic.

  3. Funny Ads • This ad is for Snuggies. I think its weird because I don’t think people that old would wear a Snuggie. Or even that kind of design.

  4. Rip- Off Ads • This is an ad for a Fushigi Magic Gravity ball. I think it’s a rip- off. My friend has it an it doesn’t even work. The ball in real life doesn’t even look like the one in this ad.

  5. Anorexia Ads • This ad shows a woman posing for a “No Anorexia” ad. I think its good that they are advertising to stop anorexia. Its good to advertise this because young girls look at all the skinny models and want to be like them and become anorexic and this ad prevents that.

  6. Funny Ad • This is an ad for laxatives. I think its funny because a dog is eating and since the laxatives work so well he poops right away.

  7. Funny Ads • This is an ad for to find people who can solve difficult problems. I think its funny because the phone number is a mathematical equation. If people call then they are good at solving hard problems.

  8. Funny Ads • This is an ad for high heels. The slogan is “Killer Heels.” It is funny because they showed how the heels are “killer.”

  9. Smoking Ads • This is an ad that shows how bad smoking is for you. It is a beautiful woman, then when you see her lungs they are black and gross. This influences people to stop smoking.

  10. Drinking and Driving Ads • This is an ad to show how bad drinking and driving is for you. It shows a person with a spare leg. It is showing how the car crash they got in was so bad that they lost a leg. It shows people how bad drink and driving is.

  11. Eco Friendly Ads • This is an ad to save water. I like the ad because the ad says “Use Only What You Need.” The bench is only 1/3 of its normal size to show you how don’t need to take up the whole bench.

  12. Scary Movie Ads • This is an ad for The Fourth Kind movie. This ad is scary because of the lighting in the room and the position of the body. He looks like he is about to be abducted by aliens.

  13. Funny Ads • This is an ad for bird seed that makes birds fart. It is funny because you don’t usually hear birds fart. This is a very funny ad.

  14. Sexist Ads • This is a sexist ad. It is sexist because it shows how a women is cleaning her husbands shoes. It is basically saying that women do all the work.

  15. Funny Ads • This ad is funny because it has feet sewing. It’s an ad for Nike and the quote says “Train your feet.” It means that Nike shoes are good for your feet and can help them.

  16. Cool Ads • This is an ad for Budweiser. I think its cool because her body blends into the label. The ad will make people want to buy it because it looks really cool.

  17. Funny Ads • This is an ad for knives. I think its funny because there is a knife in the ceiling. The quote is “Don’t drop you Knives.” It shows that the knife is that sharp that it will go right through the floor.