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Power Point

Power Point. Karole McGrew Morgan Local Schools. PowerPoint. Allows creation of slide show for research projects Can be used to explain or present information Allows for creation of projects at own pace. Types of Information Used. Text Pictures (either clipart or self drawn)

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Power Point

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  1. Power Point Karole McGrew Morgan Local Schools

  2. PowerPoint • Allows creation of slide show for research projects • Can be used to explain or present information • Allows for creation of projects at own pace

  3. Types of Information Used • Text • Pictures (either clipart or self drawn) • Pictures (downloaded from Internet) • Insertion of Sound graphics • Graphs and tables

  4. Simple as Can Be • In our computer lab click on the PowerPoint Icon • Click on “Blank Presentation” – Click “OK” • Click on the desired slide layout – the box in the right hand corner describes the layout. • Choose the Title Slide Layout for now- click “OK”

  5. Your Color Choices • Click “Format” • Click “Background” • Click Down Arrow List Box • Click “Fill Effects” • To utilize more than one color Click “Two Colors” choose each color independently • Choose Shading Style and Variants Click “OK” • If same color is to be used on all slides click “Apply to all”, if just to this slide click “Apply”

  6. Utilizing Pre-designed Backgrounds • Click on “Format” on the top tool bar • Click on “Apply Design Template” • Scroll down through choices, choosing desired design • Click on “Apply”

  7. Changing Foreground Colors • Click on “Format” on the top tool bar- “Slide Color Scheme” • Click on the “Custom” Tab • Click on the item you wish changed • Choices available for change • Background, Text and Lines, Shadows, Title Text, Fills, Accent, Accent and Hyperlink, Accent and Followed Link • Click on “Change Color” • Select the new color • Click on “Apply to All” • Apply will only change on this slide

  8. New Slide • Always save presentation before adding new slides • Click on “Insert” on tool bar at top • Click on “New Slide” • Choose desired layout by Clicking on the “AutoLayout” • Click on “OK”

  9. Inserting Clip Art • Choose Layout with text and clip art • Double click on the picture on the layout • Select desired clip art • To change the size hold mouse key down on the corners and drag to desired size • Resize only from the corners to maintain clipart size and proportions • Add desired text in text box

  10. Inserting Graphics from Disk • “Insert” tab – “New Slide” • Choose blank layout or blank with title layout • Click on “Insert” • Click on “Picture” • “From File” • Click on desired file • Resize as before

  11. Graphics from Internet • Go on Internet – Locate desired graphic • Right Click on graphic • Click on “Save Picture As” • Save to desired Location • Graphic can now be inserted as “Insert” – “Picture” - ”From File” etc.

  12. Inserting Sound Clips – Option 1 • Click on “Insert” on tool bar • “Movies and Sounds” • “Sounds from Gallery” • Any Imported Sound Clip can be inserted from here • Individualized sounds can be recorded, saved as a WAV file (using computer’s sound system),

  13. Inserting Sound Clips – Option 2 • “Insert” on tool bar – Sounds & Movies” • Click on “Sound from File” • Click on Windows file – Media File – Choose desired sound file – Click OK • Sounds such as MP3’s can be imported from Internet, or an MP3 players etc. • The sound clips must be downloaded to the disk or file that contains the PPT presentation in order for the sound clip to play

  14. Enabling Sound File to Play Entire Presentation • Insert desired sound file on first slide or Title Slide • Click on “Slide Show” on tool bar • “Custom Animation” – Click on Timing” Tab – Click on “Media Object” • Move to first place in “Animation Order” • Click on “Play Settings” Tab

  15. Click on “Play Using Animation Order” • Click on “While Playing Continue Slide Show” • Click on Stop Playing after Slide # (Last Slide #) • Click on “More Options” – “Loop Until Stopped”

  16. Inserting Slide Transition Sounds • “Click on “Slide Show” • Click on “Slide Transition” • Scan down on sounds – Choosing desired sound. • “Apply” or “Apply to All” depending if wanted on each slide or not • Remember to use sound effects sparingly as to not irritate the viewer.

  17. Hiding Sound Icons • The Icon can be moved to background behind a graphic by: • Placing icon over graphic – Right click the icon – Click on “Send to Back” • The Icon can be hid while not playing by: • Click on “Slide Show” – “Custom Animation” – “Play Settings” – Click on “Hide While Not Playing” • The Icon can also be slid off into the area surrounding the slide where it is not visible during the presentation

  18. Slide Order • Go to Slide Sorter View • Arrange the order by clicking on the slide, holding down on the mouse button and dragging to desired position in slide show

  19. Slide Animation • Double click on desired slide in “Slide Sorter” mode • Click on “Slide Show” on tool bar • Click on “Custom Animation” • Click on “Timing” tab • Click on desired slide object • Click on “Effects” tab

  20. Choose desired effect • Choose each object on the slide, selecting the desired effect for each • The animation can be previewed by clicking on “Preview” • Click on “OK”

  21. Slide Show Transition and Timings • Click on • “Slide Show” on tool bar • “Slide Transition” option • This is where you can tell the computer to present your presentation by clicking on “Advance” and inserting the number of seconds desired between slides • Transition sounds may also be added here

  22. Loop the Slide Show • From the Slide Show menu click on “Set Up Show” • Select the option “Loop Continuously Until Esc”

  23. Inserting Hyperlinks • Highlight the desired text, image, graphic or shape • Click on “Insert” in the Menu Bar • Click on Hyperlink • You will be able to choose where the hyperlink will access by clicking either: • An existing file or webpage • A place in this document • An Email address • Or creating a new document

  24. Inserting AutoShapes • In the Drawing Toolbar choose the “AutoShapes” Option • There are shapes that are available for use of emphasis in your PowerPoint presentations • The appearance of the AutoShape can be changed by Right Clicking on the shape and choosing “Format AutoShape” option

  25. Okay You’re Ready to Begin Good Luck!!!!

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