welcome to soundings n.
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WELCOME TO SOUNDINGS. OPEN HOUSE for Parents/Guardians and Students of Soundings XIV 2014-2015. Soundings Basics. Students create their own curriculum. Students do NOT receive grades. Students work in small groups, individually and as a whole class.

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welcome to soundings


OPEN HOUSE for Parents/Guardians and Students of Soundings XIV


soundings basics
Soundings Basics

Students create their own curriculum.

Students do NOT receive grades.

Students work in small groups, individually and as a whole class.

Students always have work to be done each night.

Emphasis is put on the quality of the work, not the quantity or a grade.

Work is not “finished” until the student decides it is their “best”.

soundings work
Soundings Work
  • Log Book:
    • Daily Log Questions
    • Quotes Twice per Week
    • Daily Goals
    • Daily Accomplishments
    • Upcoming Due Dates
    • Notes from discussions
soundings work1
Soundings Work
  • Self Assessments
    • Soundings students create the Self Assessment rubric
    • Begin October 8th
    • Bi-weekly
    • Due dates are set for the year
soundings work2
Soundings Work
  • Self Assessments (cont.)
    • Students fill out assessment in school on Wednesday.
    • Teachers write comments and return to students by Friday.
    • Students take home assessment on Friday.
    • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to read, comment and sign assessment.
    • Students return with assessment by Monday.
soundings work3
Soundings Work
  • Reading Journal:
    • Validations of Books Read
      • Types of Validations:
        • Book Talk
        • Letter to the Author
        • Pictures/Collage
        • New Ending/Epilogue
        • Critique of the Novel
    • Notes from Coffeehouses
soundings work4
Soundings Work
  • Coffeehouses
    • Students identify favorite genres of literature
    • Students put into genre groups
    • Groups present the genre to the rest of the class
      • Presentation dates will be set for the year
      • Info/aspects of the genre are presented
      • Recommended novels
      • Activities related to the genre
      • Food
soundings work5
Soundings Work
  • Current Events
    • Bi-Weekly
    • First one due October 1st
      • All class
    • Due dates set for the year
    • Due on Wednesdays
    • Students choose the article
    • Write summary of article with connection(s) and/or impact(s)
    • One to two pages typed
soundings work6
Soundings Work
  • Individual Research Projects
    • Students choose topics
    • IRP #1:
      • Method of presentation – student choice
      • Due dates are set by teachers
      • Final Presentations – Mid-January
    • IRP #2:
      • Method of presentation – research paper
      • Due dates are set by students
      • Final Research Paper – Late May
soundings work7
Soundings Work
  • Focus Papers
    • Writing Prompts
    • Five or more assigned each year
    • Two to Four pages in length
    • Related to goal setting, Units of Study, genres of literature, and modes of writing
soundings work8
Soundings Work
  • Lab Experiments and Lab Reports
    • Lab Experiments are generated by teachers
    • Students are encouraged to do their own
    • Lab Reports
      • Typed
      • Conclusion – Essay
    • Primary focus on Physical Science (8th Grade)
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Electricity/Magnetism
student led conferences
Student-Led Conferences
  • Soundings Students run their respective conferences.
  • Conferences are offered twice each year
    • November – Required
      • Offered same week as the rest of RMS.
      • Two additional evenings offered in November.
    • May – Optional
      • Two or three evenings are offered.
  • Showcase completed work and progress.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences on Traditional teams – 20 minutes
  • Soundings Student-Led Conferences – 40 minutes (average)
  • Soundings website is a very valuable tool.
  • Contains most of the information you and your child will need.
  • http://www.rtsd.org//Domain/416