pow wow fever is catching n.
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Pow Wow Fever is Catching! PowerPoint Presentation
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Pow Wow Fever is Catching!

Pow Wow Fever is Catching!

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Pow Wow Fever is Catching!

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  1. Pow Wow Fever is Catching! A guide to pow wow etiquette, pow wow volunteering and the pow wow experience. Saturday, March 13, 2010

  2. Time to pow wow! FIRST AND FOREMOST -- Chi miigwech (great thanks) for your time and interest in supporting this annual student event!!! We could not do this without your help!

  3. Time to pow wow! What is a Pow Wow? Native Americans refer to a “pow wow” as a gathering of Indigenous people to celebrate life. It is a time to: *VISIT *SING *DANCE *FEAST *GIVE GIFTS

  4. Time to pow wow! The pow wow takes place at the Vandament Arena Grand Entry Times: Noon & 6 p.m. On Saturday Feast and Hand Drum Contest 4 p.m. at the DJ Jacobetti Center

  5. Time to pow wow! For those of you volunteering in the Vandament, There will be a sign in sheet at the NASA front desk. For those of you volunteering in the Jacobetti Center kitchen, there will also be a sign in sheet. It is very important that everyone sign in and sign out. Especially if you are receiving extra credit. We will notify your faculty. But don’t count solely on us.

  6. Time to pow wow! VOLUNTEER STATION RESPONSIBILITIES Kitchen - Help with all sorts of prep, serving, and clean up of feast at DJ Jacobetti Center. This could be cutting celery to washing bowls to making cheesecake. Chris Kibit is the faculty. What he says GOES! Everyone to wear apron, wash hands a lot. Be mindful of what is going on around you. They donate this service to us – so please be respectful of their kitchen! Everyone is responsible for general safety issues.

  7. Time to pow wow!

  8. Time to pow wow!

  9. Time to pow wow! VOLUNTEER STATION RESPONSIBILITIES Set Up at Vandament – unload wood, unload various items , put down temporary flooring, clean flooring, set up tables & chairs, assist vendors with their set up if they need it. Chris Busch is in charge at the PEIF. Chad Nedeau – NASA Representative. Everyone is responsible for general safety issues.

  10. Time to pow wow!

  11. Time to pow wow! Generally speaking, a lot of people could be in attendance. It is difficult to determine (weather, etc.)

  12. Time to pow wow!

  13. Time to pow wow! VOLUNTEER STATION RESPONSIBILITIES Security/Runners – (this is good information for everyone). DO NOT try to solve a bad situation on your own. Call for assistance. In case of an injury or medical emergency – call 911 first and then report immediately to April Lindala or NASA Representative at the Front Desk. In case of a disturbance, contact Public Safety immediately (via 911) and report this to a NASA representative at the front desk in the Vandament. Keep kids out from under bleachers (this is a popular hang out). Keep an eye out on various stations (i.e. committee room) Do a run through the locker rooms. This will depend on your station. Always work in groups of two or three. Everyone is responsible for general safety issues.

  14. Time to pow wow! VOLUNTEER STATIONS - continued Front Desk - Selling day passes, stamping hands, watch NMU Student SIGN IN & Volunteer sign in, direct people to bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. *A NASA representative will always be at the front desk. Drivers - Drive elders back and forth to feast, drive food back and forth for vendors Tear Down - clean up, stack chairs, fold and move tables…clean flooring, pick up and wrap flooring. Again, see Chris Busch as person in charge. Everyone is responsible for general safety issues.

  15. Time to pow wow! The circle is set up with the opening to the east. We ask that while volunteering you only enter the circle if you absolutely need to. You are free to participate if you are not “on duty”

  16. Time to pow wow! Grand Entry: The first dance of each session is the Grand Entry. The Flag Song: Immediately following the Grand Entry Song is the flag song. The flag song is similar to our national anthem. If you are working in a busy area, please be respectful of the flag song and keep your voice to a whisper if you must talk.

  17. Time to pow wow! Emcees: Dwight “Bucko” Teeple Do your best to listen to your emcee. He will have important information. If you are carrying a radio – do not play on these. If something important were to happen, we need to keep the channels clear.

  18. Time to pow wow! Inter-Tribals: These dances include all dance styles. Everyone may dance, even if NOT in regalia.

  19. Time to pow wow! Giveaway: In our way, giving to others is our way of life. The message to participants is our thankfulness and a way of welcoming them To our community. When a person picks up a gift from the blanket, they are honoring us by accepting the gift. We hope that you will be around to take part in this.

  20. Time to pow wow! Review the volunteer handbook – There is more specific information regarding each site area. Thank you again for your interest and participation! If you have further questions, call 227-1397 or e-mail