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Hunger Games Double Jeopardy! PowerPoint Presentation
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Hunger Games Double Jeopardy!

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Hunger Games Double Jeopardy!
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Hunger Games Double Jeopardy!

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  1. Hunger Games Double Jeopardy! Final Jeopardy!

  2. By Any Other Name 400 Gale’s nickname for Katniss. Q: What is Catnip?

  3. By Any Other Name 800 The lottery process of selecting tributes to compete for each district. Q: What is the Reaping?

  4. By Any Other Name 1200 The flower from which Katniss’ sister takes her name. Q: What is Primrose?

  5. By Any Other Name 1600 Katniss’ nickname for the girl tribute from District 5. Q: What is Foxface?

  6. By Any Other Name 2000 Kids who train for the Hunger Games their entire lives. Q: What are Careers?

  7. Who’s Who in the Capitol 400 Described by Katniss as a “maniacally upbeat woman who arrives once a year to read out the names at the reaping.” Q: Who is Effie Trinket?

  8. Who’s Who in the Capitol 800 His breath smells like blood and he loves roses. Q: Who is President Snow?

  9. Who’s Who in the Capitol 1200 He interviews all the tributes before the games begin, and interviews the victor at the conclusion of the games. Q: Who is Caesar Flickeman?

  10. Who’s Who in the Capitol 1600 They create the arena and evaluate the tributes. Q: Who are the Gamemakers?

  11. Who’s Who in the Capitol 2000 The announcer of the Hunger Games. Q: Who is Claudius Templesmith?

  12. Capitol Creations 400 A cross between a mockingbird and a jabberjay. Q: What is a mockingjay?

  13. DAILY DOUBLE! Who’s Who in the Capitol These dangerous genetically-altered wasps will make you delusional and even kill you. Q: What are tracker jackers?

  14. Capitol Creations 1200 The general name for any Capitol creation which morphs two species into one. Q: What is a muttation?

  15. Capitol Creations 1600 It’s all the rage in the Capitol to dye this. Q: What is one’s skin?

  16. Capitol Creations 2000 A traitor to the Capitol who has had his/her tongue removed. Q: What is an Avox?

  17. What’s Where 400 The former name of the country where District 2 is located. (See map) Q: Where is Canada?

  18. What’s Where 800 The country that encompasses areas that used to be Canada, the United States and Mexico. Q: What is Panem?

  19. What’s Where 1200 District 12, known as “The Seam,” where coal mining is a major industry, corresponds to this US region. Q: What is Appalachia?

  20. What’s Where 1600 The Capitol is nestled in this mountain range. Q: What are the Rockies?

  21. DAILY DOUBLE! What’s Where The ruins of District 13 are located here. Q: Where is New England?

  22. How They Died 400 A talented singer, he died in a coal-mining accident. Q: Who is Katniss’ father?

  23. How They Died 800 She was captured in a net and then speared. Q: Who is Rue?

  24. How They Died 1200 He is credited with Foxface’s death, even if it was by accident. Q: Who is Peeta?

  25. How They Died 1600 After he spared Katniss’ life and ran away with Cato’s backpack, Cato killed this District 11 tribute. Q: Who is Thresh?

  26. How They Died 2000 She was killed by tracker jackers. Her death gave Katniss the opportunity to snag the bow and arrows. Q: Who is Glimmer?


  28. CATEGORY: Minor CharactersWrite your name & how much you will wager on your slip of paper. Then turn it in to one of the Gamemakers.

  29. The name of one of the three stylists who works on Cinna’s team. Q: Who are Venia, Flavius, and/or Octavia

  30. Thanks for playing, and may the odds be ever in your favor!