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Racing to Success!

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Racing to Success! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Racing to Success!. Welcome 4th Grade Parents!. Curriculum Night 2011-2012. NORTHWEST ISD Community Flyer Page. NEW this year!! ON NISD DISTRICT WEBSITE (on the left under community flyers)

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Racing to


welcome 4th grade parents

Welcome 4th Grade Parents!

Curriculum Night


northwest isd community flyer page

NORTHWEST ISD Community Flyer Page

NEW this year!!

ON NISD DISTRICT WEBSITE (on the left under community flyers)

Flyers about after school programs offered through out the district

CHECK OFTEN!!-New opportunities posted every 3-4 weeks


MIDI for KIDS GUITAR LESSONS at Prairie View and Hatfield


ALL ABOARD-Pre-school and Kinder Music and Math program at

Prairie View and the NISD Community Learning Center

(See Mrs. Nassiff tonight for information on Guitar, Piano and All Aboard- Classes begin next week)





specials classes continued
Specials Classes continued…
  • Supplies
    • Music-4th and 5th grade: 2 recorders (can be purchased at school for $5 each), folder with brads (4th-green, 5th-red), pencil pouch that will fit in the brads of their folder
    • Art-3rd, 4th, and 5th grade: sketchbook
  • Choir
    • Available for all 4th and 5th grade students
    • Begins this Friday, Sept. 16th
    • Enrollment forms are available on the school website or from Mrs. Nassiff.
  • Fifth Grade All District Choir
    • Made up of students from all 16 elementary schools
    • Available for 5th grade choir students
    • Students must audition for a spot in the choir-each school will be allowed to send up to 7 students who meet the criteria in the area of vocal tone, pitch, rhythm, citizenship and grades.
    • Requires a commitment of a weekly rehearsal every Thursday afternoon from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Clara Love Elementary School beginning Jan. 19tth and a concert on May 12, 2012 at Northwest High School.
    • Permission slips are due Oct. 3rd.
    • Auditions will take place in mid October.

Please see Mrs. Nassiff or Mr. Brown with further questions.

specials classes music art p e
Specials Classes-Music, Art, P.E.
  • Dress/Medical excuses for P.E.
    • Please have students wear or bring tennis shoes that tie or velcro everyday to ensure student’s safety during physical activities. Our schedule is subject to change at any time and students need to be prepared for physical activity everyday. Girls need to also wear shorts under their dresses/skirts at all times. A doctor’s note is required for non-participation in P.E. for 5 or more consecutive days. Likewise, a doctor’s note is needed in order for student’s to resume normal physical activity. Notes are accepted from parents for short periods of time as needed.
  • Grades
    • During each 6 weeks, K-5th students will receive a minimum of 3 Academic grades from Music, Art and Physical Education classes.
    • The Academic grades will reflect a student's progress on curriculum goals (TEKS).
    • A conduct grade will also be given.

Academic Grades will be recorded as follows:

    • 3 = E *performs above standard consistently
    • 2 = S *performs at standard expectations consistently
    • 1 = N *performs slightly below standard expectations, but with continuous progress
    • 0 = U *performs consistently at beginning or below standard expectation
    • * A "U" will not be given without contacting the parent about the unsatisfactory performance

Conduct Grades will be recorded as follows:

    • E-No warnings
    • S-Warnings during class and/or 1 note home
    • N-2 notes home
    • U-3 notes home

Please see Coach Gage, Mrs. Nassiff or Mr. Brown for furtherclarification.

what does it mean to be a title i school
What does it mean to be a Title I School?
  • Being a Title I school means receiving federal funding (Title I dollars) to supplement the school’s existing programs. These dollars are used for…
    • Identifying students experiencing academic difficulties and providing timely assistance to help these student’s meet the State’s challenging content standards.
    • Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/supplies
    • Conducting parental Involvement meetings/trainings/activities
    • Recruiting/Hiring/Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers
what is the school parent compact
What is the School-Parent Compact?

The compact is a commitment from the school, the parent, and the student to share in the responsibility for improved academic achievement.

You, as Title I Parents, have the right to be involved in the development of the School-Parent Compact.

Distribution of the Compact.

what is a cip
What is a CIP?
  • The CIP is your school’s Continuous Improvement Plan and includes:
    • A Needs Assessment and Summary of Data
    • Goals and Strategies to Address Academic Needs of Students
    • Professional Development Needs
    • Coordination of Resources/Comprehensive Budget
    • The School’s Parental Involvement Plan
prairie view mission


The mission of Prairie View Elementary is to prepare students for success by teaching the intended curriculum with rigor, assessing student progress and adjusting instruction accordingly, providing appropriate safety nets, and measuring student achievement in preparation for a successful Middle School experience. 

prairie view vision


With the collective effort of staff, parents and community, Prairie View Elementary will prepare students to be successful in Middle School by achieving at or above grade level standards which will lead them on a path of college and career readiness.


How is the Reader’s Workshop set up?Opening Lesson: Strategy is introduced. The teacher gives the students a tool to help them become more successful readers. (5-10 mins.)Working Period: The students utilize the “tool” the teacher has taught them to become more successful readers. (35-45 mins.)Closing Period: The teacher gathers everyone andsummarizes the lesson. (5-10 mins.)

Reader’s Workshop

PURPOSE: The reading workshop establishes a routine and provides

the students opportunities to become more successful.


PURPOSE: The Writer’s Workshop establishes a routine and provides the students opportunities to become more successful.


How is the Writer’s Workshop set up?

Opening Lesson: Strategy is introduced. The teacher gives the students a tool to help them become more successful writers. (5-10 mins.)

Working Period: The students utilize the “tool” the teacher has taught them to become more successful writers. (40-45 mins.)

Closing Period/Author’s Chair: The teacher gathers everyone and summarizes the lesson. Severalstudents are chosen to share their work. (5-10 mins.)


Math InvestigationsPurpose: To engage students in making sense of mathematical ideas.How is Math Investigations set up? Students conduct many math investigations. They learn they are capable of having mathematical ideas, applying what they know to new situations, and thinking and reasoning about unfamiliar problems.This lasts 90 minutes every day.


Your child has the opportunity to conduct inquiry investigations. In inquiry-based science, your child learns based around questions your child generates about the topic. Kids are required to work together to solve problems.

The district’s inquiry showcase is next spring. Your child will work together with a team to produce an inquiry project for possible display.



social studies


Your child has the opportunity to learn about the regions of Texas, early settlers of Texas, explorers of Texas, cattle drives, the discovery of oil, and many other fun facts about Texas History.

Your child will have the opportunity to inquire and create some superb social studies projects to further their learning!


Standards Based Bulletin Boards:Purpose: Showcase student work that has met the standard set for that particular assignment.


EXPECTATIONSFollow directionsRaise hand for permission to speakKeep comments and objects to yourselfHave your needed materials in class with you and be ready work.Have good hallway conduct moving to and from class, recess, lunch, and specialsAlways do QUALITY WORK!


AGENDASPlease make sure they are signed each night.They are the student’s responsibility.They are being held accountable.Look for written notes from your child’s teacher.Good place to write a note to teacher/s.Make sure your child’s homework is completed.


Writing STAAR…………………………….March 27, 2012 (Day 1) Two-part test (composition and mechanics)Writing STAAR…………………………….March 28, 2012 (Day 2) Two-part test (composition and mechanics)Math STAAR……………………………….April 24, 2012 Make-ups April 26-27, 2012Reading STAAR…………………………..April 25, 2012 Make-ups April 27-28, 2012TEA Website:

grading policy

Grading Policy

Please refer to the district website for the district grading policy. (There is other very useful info located here also)

Go to the district home page

On the left side named shortcuts, click on “parents”

Then choose “grading guidelines-elementary”

There is other very useful info located here also!



Please check the team website for:

- Weekly newsletter

- Updated school calendar

- Useful websites

Please check your teacher websites for:

- Useful websites

- Teacher contact information

- Subject specific information


electronic reports
Electronic Reports
  • Look at Electronic Report cards and Progress Report directions.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk to your child’s teachers.

Thank you for being such awesome parents! We couldn’t do it without you!

Ms. Kysar

Mrs. Ward

Ms. Doroodchi