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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Desktop Service from the Datacenter. Lionel Cavalliere Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA. Disclaimer. This session may contain product features that are currently under development.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Lionel cavalliere senior product marketing manager emea

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure,Desktop Service from the Datacenter

Lionel CavalliereSenior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA


This session may contain product features that are currently under development.

This session/overview of the new technology represents no commitment from VMware to deliver these features in any generally available product.

Features are subject to change, and must not be included in contracts, purchase orders, or sales agreements of any kind.

Technical feasibility and market demand will affect final delivery.

Pricing and packaging for any new technologies or features discussed or presented have not been determined.


What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

The Challenges of the Desktop

VMware Desktop Management Solutions

Why choose VMware?

New announcements

What is VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VMware Enterprise Desktop is a desktop virtualization solution that streamlines the management of desktops and applications through a centralized infrastructure resulting in lower costs, increased security and greater business agility.

It provides end users flexible access to their virtual desktop using a wide variety of devices for a portable office experience.

Cost and security are driving pc alternatives
Cost and Security Are Driving PC Alternatives

“Which aspects of the traditional client PC environment aredriving your interest in alternatives to traditional PCs?”



Manageability, Including Patching

Flexible Remote Access

Reducing Electrical Consumption Costs

Reducing Environmental Impact (i.e., Energy Consumption)


Base: 565 PC decision-makers at North American and European enterprises (multiple responses accepted)Source: Enterprise and SMB Hardware Survey, North America and Europe, Q3 2007. Forrester Research, Inc.

“By the end of 2010, all new PC deployments will be virtualized.”

—Brian Gammage and George Shiffler III

August 8, 2007

The Rise of Virtual Desktops

Distributed desktop management
Distributed Desktop Management virtualized.”


Data Store


  • Applications still installed on the PC

  • App Compatibility

  • Resource conflict

  • User Experience

Distributed PC Management

  • 90% cost is operational management

  • Management is de-centralized and difficult

  • Data are duplicated and saved on PCs

  • User is tied to physical hardware

  • PC is 80% under-utilized and wasteful

How to centralize desktop management
How to Centralize Desktop Management virtualized.”





Centralized Management

Distributed Access

Virtual Desktops


Virtual Desktop Manager

Key features of vdm 2
Key Features of VDM 2 virtualized.”

Automated Provisioning and Desktop Management

SSL Encryption of Connections, Secure Single Sign-on

USB Redirection (Supports Printers, Scanners, Etc)

Active Directory and SecurID Integration

High Availability and Scalable

DMZ Deployment Option

Multimedia Redirection

Integrated With VMware VI3

Meeting the challenges of the desktop
Meeting the Challenges of the Desktop virtualized.”


Lower Costs

Operating Costs

Reduce TCO by up to 45%

Lower management & refresh cost

Meeting the Challenges of the Desktop virtualized.”


Operating Costs

Security and Compliance


No distributed data

SSL encrypted access to data centre

Meeting the Challenges of the Desktop virtualized.”


Operating Costs

Security and Compliance



Centralized and automated

Simplify provisioning and patching,

less distributed management

Meeting the Challenges of the Desktop virtualized.”


Operating Costs

Security and Compliance



Flexible Access

Access from any location

Always connected to familiar desktop

Meeting the Challenges of the Desktop virtualized.”


Operating Costs

Security and Compliance



Flexible Access

Reduced by up to 80%*

Save $59 - $164 / user / year


*Butler Group, “Infrastructure Virtualization”, September 2007

Enhancing vdi
Enhancing VDI virtualized.”


Tightly coupled relationships between OS, Applications and Data

  • Symptoms:

    • Application Conflicts

    • Complex Compatibility Test Matrices

    • Increased Time to Deployment

    • Loss of User Productivity

Solution: VMware ThinApp

Agentless application virtualization decouples applications and data from the OS

Application virtualization with vmware thinapp 4 0
Application Virtualization with VMware ThinApp 4.0 virtualized.”

  • Application virtualization encapsulates the applications from the OS and each other; eliminating costly regression testing and conflicts

  • IT manage each layer separately

  • Currently over 1 million seats (30% of application virtualization market)

  • Users select new applications even on a locked down desktop

  • Supports virtual and physical and any existing package deployment infrastrcuture

  • Modular desktop simplifies VDI

Thinapp the best solution on the market
ThinApp the best Solution on the Market virtualized.”

  • Agentless architecture

    • No compatibility issues with multiple versions

    • No backend infrastructure requirements

    • 100% User mode execution

  • Widest platform support

    • Support for 16, 32 & 64bit windows, 

    • Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista, W2K3

    • Citrix PS 4.x and MS Terminal Services

  • Support for the widest array of applications

    • Support for wide variety of .NET and Java runtimes

    • Multiple versions of Internet explorer – run IE 6 & IE 7 on the same machine

  • Works with what you have now!

Offline solution is critical for desktops
Offline Solution is Critical for Desktops virtualized.”

  • Take a managed desktop offline

  • managed desktop on a USB stick

  • Security with Encryption (FIPS-2)

VMware Desktop Management Solutions virtualized.”

Virtual Desktops

Active Directory

Connected Users

VMware VI3


Security Server

VirtualDesktop Manager

Offline Users VMware ACE


VMware ThinApp

ACE Mgnt Server

Stream Applications

Vmware desktop management solutions
VMware Desktop Management Solutions virtualized.”

VMware VDI

  • VDM 2, VI3 and VirtualCenter

  • Manage virtual desktops in datacenter and connect over network

  • VMware ACE

  • Virtual desktop runs on client

  • Managed and secured using centralized policy

VMware ThinApp

  • Application virtualization

  • Applications run in VDI, ACE or physical

Why vmware
Why VMware ? virtualized.”

Platform reliability is critical for desktops
Platform Reliability is Critical for Desktops virtualized.”

VMware Infrastructure is unprecedented for Reliability and Scalability

Scalability is critical for desktops
Scalability is Critical for Desktops virtualized.”

2x higher consolidation ratio for VMware

Alternative platforms has no memory overcommit

VMware VI3 with memory overcommit

Not enough memory

Error message after 7 VMs(*)

14 VMs(*): higgest density on VMware!

* VMs with 512Mb Ram on a physical server with 4Gb of Ram

Automated management is critical for desktops
Automated Management is Critical for Desktops virtualized.”

Pool of VMs based on single template

“We could provide a workstation to any client, in any seat, at any office in the world… in just 8 minutes.”

Frank SabatelliDirector of Virtual Technology Infrastructure

  • Automated provisioning from clones

  • Suspend, power down, reboot or delete on logoff

  • Resume, power on or clone from template on re-connect


Security is critical to desktops introducing vmsafe
Security is critical to desktops: Introducing VMsafe™ virtualized.”

New security solutions can be developed and integrated into VMware virtual infrastructure

Protect the VM by inspection of virtual components (CPU, Memory, Network and Storage)

Complete integration and awareness of VMotion, Storage VMotion, HA, etc.

Provides an unprecedented level of security for the application and the data inside the VM

Security VM





Security API


Who is using the platformtoday
Who is Using the PlatformToday virtualized.”

  • VMware Desktop Solutions run on VI3

    • VMware have 120,000 customers globally

    • Production-ready virtualization platform

    • 4 million Workstation users and 2.2 million Player downloads in 2007

    • VDI is already here − large multinationals run

    • Thousands of virtual desktops in production today

    • Have relied on VMware VDI for 4-5 years

    • Business critical user groups and applications

    • Unique Components, such as ESX, VirtualCenter, DRS, VMotion, VMware HA, VCB, Update Manager, DPM, Resource Pools, Memory Page Sharing, Embedded Hypervisor, Storage VMotion… …

Vmware s focus
VMware’s Focus virtualized.”


Virtual Datacenter OS

vCloud Initiative

People &Info-centric

vClient Initiative

ScaleOutside the Firewall

Efficient and Flexible Use of Applications and Resources

FederationWith the Cloud


Desktop dilemma
Desktop Dilemma virtualized.”

IT Needs To Bring Down Costs, but…

End Users Want Their Desktop To Follow Them

  • Thick or Thin?

  • Mobile or not?

  • Windows or Mac?

  • Want info to be accessibly anywhere, anytime

  • Don’t want info locked up in a single device

  • But don’t want to give up richness

From vdi to vmware view desktops that follow the user
From VDI to VMware View virtualized.”™Desktops That Follow the User








Client Virtualization

Client Virtualization







Evolution from vdi to vmware view
Evolution: virtualized.”From VDI to VMware View™

Server Based Management

PC User Experience

Universal Clients

  • Client virtualization layer for device independence

  • Seamless management along side VDI users

  • Extending to mobile devices

  • VMware View Composer for storage reduction and updating

  • VMware View Manager support for non-virtual platforms

  • Support for multiple partner protocols:

    • Codevelopment with Teradici

    • HP

    • Wyse

  • Improved 3D graphics with client virtualization

Closing summary
Closing Summary virtualized.”




VMware View lets you access your desktop multiple ways, providing the ideal PC user experience with the benefits of centralized management

The VDC-OS lets IT create the “local cloud” and the vCloud Initiative opens an ecosystem

With our partners, we are building the OS for the fully virtualized datacenter

And Beyond

Thank you! virtualized.”