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Bell Ringer. What is the total price of a $22.30 item if the sales tax rate is 6%?. Bell Ringer Answer. $22.30 * 6 % (.06) = $1.338  $1.38 $22.30 + $1.38 = $23.68. Agenda. Bell Ringer / Attendance – 5 min House-keeping – 5 min

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Presentation Transcript
bell ringer
Bell Ringer
  • What is the total price of a $22.30 item if the sales tax rate is 6%?
bell ringer answer
Bell Ringer Answer
  • $22.30 * 6% (.06) = $1.338  $1.38
  • $22.30 + $1.38 = $23.68
  • Bell Ringer / Attendance – 5 min
  • House-keeping – 5 min
    • Pass out GRADES. These need to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned tomorrow (Monday at the latest) for a grade.
  • Juniors and Seniors 
    • 1sthalf of class you will be on the computers completing the ethics assignment QUIETLY.
    • 2nd half of class you will be completing the vocabulary for Chapter 2.4 (page 47)
  • Sophomores 
    • 1st half of class you will be listening to a lecture regarding ethics and taking notes.
    • 2nd half of class you will be on the computers completing the ethics assignment QUIETLY.
  • Ethics
  • Principles
learning targets
Learning Targets
  • Define ethics.
  • Discuss the impacts of unethical behavior.
  • Identify one person in sports and entertainment that demonstrated unethical behavior and how their career / fan base was impacted from their decisions.
  • A system of deciding what is right or wrong in a reasoned and impartial part of sound business decisions.
    • Business should be conducted with integrity, trust, and fairness, which are all core standards of ethics.
ethics and character matter
Ethics and Character Matter

Ethical behavior is based on solid PRINCIPLES.

  • Principles the high standards of rules and guidelines in both business and personal life.

What are some of your principles?

classroom principles
Classroom Principles
  • Tell the truth
  • Not get in to trouble
  • Be nice to people
  • Get your work done
  • Treating elders with respect
  • Treat others like you would like to be treated
  • Don’t steal
character development
Character Development
  • Character development can be divided into stages in which people advance from childish behavior to mature and responsible behavior based on principles.
character development1
Character Development
  • A child learns that exhibiting bad behavior will result in punishment, while good behavior will result in rewards.
  • As a child matures, the influence of others’ expectations of him or her grows.
  • Eventually, the child may reach a stage of maturity in which he or she acts on the basis of a set of principles.
character development2
Character Development

Ethical people do not act just because they can. They consider the results and affects on others before making a decision.

exposure in the media
Exposure in the Media

Professional Athletes, Coaches, Politicians, Artists, Celebrities, Business People, and even Teachers sometimes make the media for BAD ETHICAL DECISIONS.

How does this negative exposure affect you?

business behavior
Business Behavior
  • Having a profit motive for a business is sometimes mistakenly confused with acting unethically out of greed.
  • Making a profit is a legitimate goal of a business. Without profits a business will cease to exist.
  • A need to make a profit is not an excuse for unfair or deceitful business practices.
seeking an advantage
Seeking an Advantage
  • When athletes take illegal drugs, they are behaving unethically and getting an unfair advantage over their competition.

Barry Bonds

when being bad is profitable
When Being Bad is Profitable
  • In efforts to control the bad behavior of professional athletes, leagues, and teams assess fines to players.
    • NBA: $13.9 million
      • AmareStoudamire was fined $50,000 for using a discriminatory slur.
    • NFL: $3.3 million
      • Joe Mays (Broncos) suspended for 1 game and fined $50,000 for a violent hit on QB Matt Schaub (Texans)
    • MLB: $170,725
      • Chris Perez (Indians) was fined $750 for an un-sportsman like tweet.
    • Nascar: $384,494
      • Kurt Busch was fined $50,000 for driving recklessly on pit road
when being bad is profitable1
When Being Bad is Profitable
  • Only fans can really influence the behavior of ethically challenged athletes and celebrities.
  • Fans can effectively take a stand against bad behavior by not buying tickets or the products promoted by unethical celebrities.
  • As long as the fans put up with poor behavior from celebrities, the celebrities who lack self-control will consider themselves above the standards of ethics.
effective and ethical
Effective and Ethical

Good decisions are both ethical and effective.

  • Good decisions are the right choices for the long term.
  • When sports teams establish core values and demand that players act within ethical guidelines, the players will ‘step up to the plate’

ESPY: Sportsman Moment

  • Describe an example of a celebrity or athlete that has demonstrated unethical behavior and an example of a celebrity or athlete that has demonstrated ethical behavior in the sports and entertainment industry.
  • Explain what impact this behavior had on the person involved and to the sports and entertainment industry.


example chad johnson
Example: Chad Johnson

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson was arrested on for a charge of domestic assault against his wife, Evelyn Lozado. Chad plead no contest to the charge and will serve one year probation for the charges, along with paying for Evelyn’s medical cost and will undergo therapy. Chad was also released from the Miami Dolphins after the charge.

Due to Chad’s poor decisions, he is now jobless (in the NFL) and in the process of a divorce from Evelyn. The Dolphins depended on Chad to be a leader to the Dolphins and serve as a role model and veteran wide receiver. Chad has now left the Dolphins club and fans without a vibrant personality and all-start receiver. Chad has over 3.6 Twitter followers and 2.1 million Facebook fans in the social media realm, leaving fans from everywhere disappointed.