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Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26) Personnel/Pay Conference Update Naval Station San Diego CA 27 March 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26) Personnel/Pay Conference Update Naval Station San Diego CA 27 March 2012

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Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26) Personnel/Pay Conference Update Naval Station San Diego CA 27 March 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26) Personnel/Pay Conference Update Naval Station San Diego CA 27 March 2012. Prepared 15 March 2012. Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26). Who are we?

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Personnel and Pay Management


Personnel/Pay Conference Update

Naval Station San Diego CA

27 March 2012


15 March 2012

personnel and pay management bupers 26
Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26)
  • Who are we?
    • Principle advisor to the Chief of Naval Personnel/Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel on development, integration, alignment, and execution of all Navy-wide Personnel and Pay Service Delivery management policies and procedures.
    • Drive modernization and transformation of Personnel and Pay Services Delivery including development of function IT system enhancement by conducting research projects and utilizing continuous process improvement methodology.

Personnel and Pay Management


Personnel and Pay Plans and Processes



Personnel and Pay Oversight and Compliance



Personnel and Pay Policy and Procedures



personnel and pay management bupers 263
Personnel and Pay Management (BUPERS-26)
  • Permanent Personnel Changes since July 2011 PERS/Pay
    • Ms. Tina Lopez hired in Policy Branch
    • Mr. Michael Wardlaw hired in Oversight and Compliance Branch
    • PSCS(SW) Jeff Lovell transferring to the Fleet Reserve (relief in August)
  • Temporary Personnel Changes
    • CDR Rich Beck (ADSW Add)
    • LCDR Zach Herzberger (ADSW Add)
    • LTJG Juliana Walker (ADSW Add)
    • YN1 Lorraine Wardryce (ADSW Add)
    • CDR Dwight Jenkins (released from ADSW)
pay personnel information bulletins ppib
Pay/Personnel Information Bulletins (PPIB)

  • All Military Pay Advisories (MPA) and Pay and Personnel Information Bulletins (PPIB) Issued from January 2009 to the Present
  • Since the Last PERS/Pay Conference we have issue 16 PPIBs
    • 5 were monthly MPA Recaps.
    • 11 Contained 14 specific PERS/Pay Issues for Clarification
current projects
Current Projects
  • Ongoing Process Improvement Initiatives
    • SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES)
      • Joint DOD/VA Project across all branches of service to produce a self-service SGLI/FSGLI Process
      • Some slippage but targeted for September 2012 release
      • Training and communications are in work (N135C has lead)
    • Record of Emergency Data/Dependency Application (RED/DA)
      • Self-service RED/DA via ESR
      • Uses the DD93/RED
    • Reserve Drill Management Enhancement
      • Goal - Provide an easy to use process to manage scheduling/ rescheduling of various IDT (pay and non-pay) and funeral honors duty
      • Phased approach
        • Phase I – reschedule regular IDT
        • Phase II – additional IDT
        • Phase III – funeral honors duty

FRDs Complete – Technical Phase Kickoff Held 1 March 2012

current projects6
Current Projects
  • Ongoing Process Improvement Initiative
    • Centralize Reserve Administrative Separation in PERS-9
      • Low numbers processed (14) in 1st pilot (completed January 2011) not sufficient to assess proof of concept
      • Initiated 2nd pilot 28 November 2012
        • Initiative opened to nine NRAs for longer time period (6 months) to get a larger population.
        • Encouraged NOSC COs to exercise ADSEP authority on appropriate cases
        • Standardization across all NOSCs on ADSEP process greatly needed
        • 2nd pilot to run through 01 June 2012 with after hot wash brief tentative 29 June 2012.

Participating NOSCs:


San Diego

Fort Worth


New Orleans


New York City



personnel transaction timeliness
Personnel Transaction Timeliness
  • MILPERSMAN 1000-025 - Personnel Transaction Timeliness
    • Gains and Losses (activity and strength), Reenlistments and Extensions, Unauthorized Absences (UA), and Nonjudicial Punishments (NJP)
    • Navy’s goal established in 2006 was to achieve 97% timeliness for all personnel transactions within 4 working days of the effective date of the transaction by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2010.
    • Unit COs and PSDs have shared cooperative responsibility and accountability to ensure these goals are met.
      • COs will make documents and personnel available to PSD so that timely action can be taken.
      • PSD and personnel/administrative offices afloat will take professional and timely action upon receipt of source documents.
personnel transaction timeliness activity gains
Personnel Transaction Timeliness – Activity Gains
  • Lean Six Sigma Study used to look indepth at Timeliness isues
  • FY06 Activity Gains averaged 34% within 4 days!
  • Direct cost of the cumulative Delay in Posting 2006 Gain Transactions $325K
  • Indirect /Intangible Costs
    • Inaccurate data used in manpower planning and reporting
    • Inaccurate accounting of manpower expense (i.e., IA, TPPH)
    • Pay and entitlement issues, over/underpayments, expense to recoup debt, rework.
    • Inability to accurately account for emergency muster requirements
  • On average in FY11 it still took 26 days to get to 97% transaction timeliness.
  • January 2012 – RIS submitted on Activity Gain Process
personnel transaction timeliness activity gains11
Personnel Transaction Timeliness – Activity Gains

Sailor Arrives at Gaining Command

Command Endorses


PSD Processing

Activity Gain


Clerk Processing


Supervisor Review

personnel transaction timeliness activity gains13
Personnel Transaction Timeliness – Activity Gains
  • MILPERSMAN 1600-120 – Procedures for Reporting Members as Failed to Report Under Permanent Change of Station (PCS)/Temporary Duty (TEMDU) Orders
    • Verify Prospective Gain (PG) Report.
    • Contact the gaining command to verify status
    • If coming from a student status allow 30 days to allow for setbacks and delays otherwise take the following actions.
      • Research status of expired PGs to ensure absence is not a result of modification or cancelation of orders.
      • Electronically verify the status of the orders, actual detach date, authorized delay in reporting, etc.
      • Contact transferring command to verify status and obtain substantiating documentation.
    • Take action to declare Sailor as “Failed to Report”.
email weapons system16
16Email Weapons System
  • CNO Washington DC 071651Z Dec 04
    • DoD digital signature requirement had existed since 1 Apr 2004, or as hardware was available.
    • Required digital signature on any email requiring message integrity or non-repudiation.
    • Required encryption on email containing sensitive information (e.g., privacy act, HIPPA, contract info, FOUO, etc.) and/or email that discusses any matter that may serve as an OPSEC indicator.
  • NAVADMIN 248/08
    • Digital signature of all emails requiring data integrity, message authenticity, and/or non-repudiation. This includes any email that:
      • Directs, tasks, or passes direction or tasking
      • Request or responds to requests for resources
      • Promulgates organization, position, or information external to the organization (division, department or command).
      • Discusses any operational matter
      • Discusses contract information, financial, or funding matter
      • Discusses personnel management matters
      • The need exists to ensure the email originator is the actual author
      • The need exists to ensure that the email has not been tampered with in transit
      • Is sent from a DoD owned system or account which contains an embedded hyperlink.
      • Is sent from a DoD owned system or account which contains an attachment (any type of attached file).
sensitive vs non sensitive pii
Sensitive vs. Non-sensitive PII


Sensitive PII Includes but is not Limited to:

PII, but usually does not need to be protected

Non-sensitive PII includes but is not Limited to:


Office location

Business phone number

Business email address

Badge number

Other information releasable to the public

  • Name and other Names used
  • Social Security Number (Full and Truncated)
  • Driver’s license and other identification numbers
  • Citizenship, legal status, gender, race/ethnicity
  • Birth date, place of birth
  • Home and personal cell phone numbers
  • Personal email address, mailing and home address
  • Religious preference
  • Security Clearance
  • Mother’s middle and maiden names
  • Spouse information, marital status, child information, emergency contact information
  • Biometrics
  • Financial information, medical information, disability information
  • Law enforcement information, employment information, educational information
  • Military Records

Note: The context of the information must also be taken into account when determining if it is sensitive or non-sensitive PII. For example, a list of personnel with office phone numbers would be considered non-sensitive; however, if the same list also indicated that they had contracted a disease, it would now be considered sensitive PII.

protecting pii secure email practices
18Protecting PII - Secure Email Practices
  • Must digitally sign all emails containing official business, attachments, or embedded links.
  • Must encrypt all emails containing sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive information.
  • Use the Ready… Aim… Fire! method.
    • Ready: Draft, attach, digitally sign (if not already selected), and encrypt (if required)
      • Open each attachment to ensure only intended files are attached
      • If the email body or attachment contains PII, add FOUO to the subject line
      • If the email body contains PII, clearly mark the email with “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – PRIVACY ACT SENSITIVE: Any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information may result in both criminal and civil penalties.”
      • If attachment contains PII, add “Attachment is FOUO” at the top of the message. Attachments containing PII should also have a filename beginning with “FOUO”
    • Aim: Ensure the recipients of the email have a need to know (did you pick the right “John Smith” from the GAL?)
    • Fire: Click “Send”
  • Report breaches to your supervisor and your Command Privacy Officer.
  • If on NMCI Publish your certificates!

In Outlook, go to Tools ‐> Trust Center ‐> E‐mail Security ‐> Publish to GAL

nearly last thoughts
(Nearly) Last Thoughts
  • Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS)/Electronic Service Record (ESR)
    • NAVADMIN 288/06 – Implementation of the Electronic Service Record
    • NAVADMIN 040/10 - Elimination of the Enlisted Field Service Record
  • Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) – Command View
    • NAVADMIN 398/10 – Implementation of the OMPF-Command View Application
  • My Personnel Information

  • NPC Customer Service Center
    • 1-866-827-5672 (DSN 882) or 1-866-U-ASK-NPC
    • Knowledge Base

Further Questions, Please Contact Me:

LCDR Kevin M. Hayden

Head, Oversight and Compliance (BUPERS-262)


Phone: (901) 874-4170/DSN 882


We’re all in the service business…


Thank you for attending the conference and for the important work you do

for our Sailors.

  • Integrated Military Human Resources (MPTE) Portal
    • The next step beyond BOL/NKO/”My Personnel Info”
    • NETC portal requirements documented; collaborative effort by NETC / OPNAV N16 (Completed mid June)
    • Working with BUPERS CIO and BUPERS-074 on portal capabilities requirements to support technical selection
    • Follow on business focus groups to develop full BUPERS functional requirements (tent October 2012)
  • Knowledge Management
    • Synchronization of Policy from Law to Implementation Procedures
    • Keeping the PASSMAN and MILPERSMAN relevant
    • Field assistance imperative – challenge the owner of the content
    • Ensuring the NPC Website has current, correct content
    • Navy Personnel Command/BUPERS Web Site Change

Home Page -

My Personnel Info -


professional hr workforce updates
Professional HR Workforce Updates
  • PS Human Performance Requirements Review (HPRR)
    • PS “A” School Review (1-4 Feb 2011)
      • After Action Report approved by CNP (as the PS Requirements Sponsor) 6 July and returned to CSS
      • CSS should now develop a range of options for delivering the desired training.
      • The business case analyses for the different options will then be delivered to CNP for consideration.
    • Navy Customer Service Manual Conference (CSM) (20-24 Jun 2011)
      • Drafted CSM updates to provide information relevant to the current Navy customer service environment to include e-mail and social media service delivery methods.
    • PS PQS Review (11-15 Jul 2011)
    • PS NEC 2905 Review (19-21 Jul 2011)
    • PS Rate Training Manual Conference (22-26 Aug 2011)