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Cisco Services

Cisco Services. Smart + Connected Communities Skolkovo . Andrey Zyuzin. Director. Skolkovo Project. May 27, 2011. The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”. Wilde Oscar . Agenda. Skolkovo – S+CC Approach and Methodology. 1. Cisco S+CC – Around the World . 2. Approach.

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Cisco Services

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  1. Cisco Services

    Smart + Connected CommunitiesSkolkovo Andrey Zyuzin Director. Skolkovo Project May 27, 2011
  2. The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

    Wilde Oscar
  3. Agenda Skolkovo – S+CC Approach and Methodology 1 Cisco S+CC – Around the World 2
  4. Approach Methodology Skolkovo S+CC Summary Engaged to help craft ICT service strategy requirements for the new city Follows a structured engagement methodology similar to a consulting firm like McKinsey ICT service requirements structured around key verticals such as: Energy Transportation Health Real Estate Engagement will last from April 2011 to September 2011 Deliverables will give end to end view how to execute ICT services planned for Skolkovo and used for tendering Strategy/Marketing Construction Engineering – City and Building Technology Network Business Case
  5. Approach Methodology Community + ExchangeDelivering the services over a common infrastructure Enabling, Managing, and Operating a Smart+Connected Community
  6. Approach Methodology S+CC Approach Captures Resident & Visitor Needs SMART+CONNECTED COMMUNITIES SUSTAINABILITY ADVANTAGE Social Economic Environmental Health Retail School Telecom Utilities Safety & Security Travel Sports & Leisure Government Home Office Transportation Building Emergency Response COMMUNITY+CONNECT COMMUNITY+EXCHANGE CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICE DELIVERY PLATFORM BORDERLESS NETWORK COLLABORATION DATA CENTER\VIRTULIZATION
  7. Approach Methodology NOC NSOC SOC FOC ICT Master Plan Conceptual Building Blocks Regulated Services? PSTN/IMS Voice Internet Services GSM Mobile Other Services Digital signage Paid parking, etc. Interaction Centre COMMUNITY + EXCHANGE SERVICE PROVIDERS Data Centres Utility Provider(s) BORDERLESS NETWORK IOC Manage & Monitor Facilities Security, etc. City Operator 1 IOC: Integrated Operations CentreNOC,NSOC,SOC, FOC: Network, Network Security, Security & Facility Operations Centres Respectively City Operator n Service Operator 1 Service Operator n
  8. Approach Methodology Smart Services Overview Value-Added Service To be defined Starting with Service Strategy Workshop E.g. Smart Work Centre Skolkovo Vision Commercial Offices Common Areas Other Segments Retail Residential Vertical Value-Added Service Layer Key Baseline Systems Digital Signage Access Control Video Surveillance Public Address & Background Music Metering Parking Control Life Safety Systems Power Management UPS and Power Conditioning HVAC controls Lighting Controls Escalators and Elevators Voice, Video and Data Master Clock Audio/Visual Specialized Equipment Baseline Systems’ Layer Foundational-Layer Technologies Structured Cabling Media Ready Network Wireless Network Network Security Network Management Core Foundational Layer
  9. Approach Methodology Cisco’s Advisory ServicesEnable Customer Success Advisory Services team includes vertical industry experts Highly skilled Cisco® IT architects Former CTOs/CIOs of enterprise organizations Experienced senior consultants (McKinsey, Accenture, Cambridge, IBM) Certified project managers
  10. Approach Methodology Cisco Services’ offerings mapped to the construction cycle Program Management Office PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Business Discovery Citywide Passive and Network infrastructure HLDs Systems Integration Operating Model Strategy In-Building Passive and Network Infrastructure HLDs LLD and Implementation Service Strategy and Concepts Updated Financial Model Knowledge Transfer Qualitative and Quantitative Business Case Tender Document Review and Input Test and Launch Design Reference Ongoing Design Coordination Operate and Optimize Initial Feasibility Concept Design Schematic Design Detailed Design Construction Launch & Operate
  11. Cisco S+CC Around the WorldSample S+CC Projects Tianfu-Chengdu City of Dreams-Macau Westminster Canary Wharf Emirates Stadium Guldborgsund City of Drancy San Fran, Colorado, Holyoke, Toronto Donetsk Stadium City of Barcelona SBB Rivas Songdo-Gale IFEZ Korea Telecom Allianz Al Hamra Tower Schools, Portugal Energy City Citystars AlphaLand GreenFields City of Guayaquil KAEC KEC JEC Aramco DOKAEP SAGIA SEC Lavasa UST -Global Sun TV Vodafone i-City Malaysia City of Sao Paulo VR Group Lend Lease
  12. Medina Knowledge Economic City - KSA Situation Holy City, located in Medina Saudi Arabia, 7 sq. Km development KEC will have a continuing interest in operational management of the city including providing Municipal services KEC also wishes to provide commercial ICT services and realize revenue KEC requires a service strategy, operating model and financial model to plan and implement revenue goals Solution Define a complete service strategy and operating model to allow cooperative delivery of services Delivers a complete services-driven network design and incorporate it within the financial model Next steps: data center, smart city company Benefits Maximize services for revenue and profitability Unified long-term strategy for delivery of IP based services Planning in place for long term services deployment
  13. Incheon Free Economic Zone - (IFEZ) – Korea Ongoing Situation Incheon was designated as Korea’s first Free Economic Zone by the Korean government. 209 sq. km divided into 3 areas - Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna. IFEZ is specially designed for the best business andliving environment through advanced technology andmanagement Creating a city wide smart city service provider Solution Collaborate with IFEZ Authority (IFEZA) and their consultants to develop the detailed business case based on a MOU Identify new CRE services and value-addservices offerings for IFEZ Engaged with Cisco systems to develop new business models and business case to offer CRE & services to the residents and businesses in IFEZ Benefits New business models will attract new foreign direct investors Showcase value proposition of CRE to other smart city developments and attract interests for additional advisory services engagements Potential savings in OPEX and ability to generate revenue through the new services Replicate success to other smart cities
  14. Questions?
  15. A reasonable man adapts himself to suit his environment. An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw
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