sex trafficking n.
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Sex Trafficking

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Sex Trafficking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sex Trafficking. Karina Cruz Model UN. What is sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is basically the act of females being forced into having sexual intercourse with random men

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Sex Trafficking

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sex trafficking

Sex Trafficking

Karina Cruz

Model UN

what is sex trafficking
What is sex trafficking
  • Sex trafficking is basically the act of females being forced into having sexual intercourse with random men
  • The sex traffickers are sometimes called “pimps” and these men trick minor females into falling in love with them to later put them into the business of prostitution
  • It’s the process of which women are recruited, harbored and are forced into prostitution by violence, threat or cultural manipulation.
the main causes of sex trafficking
The main causes of sex trafficking
  • In some cases the cause of sex trafficking to occur is poverty. Parents sell their children to sex traffickers that promise them money in exchange.
  • Some victims are recruited from marginalized and vulnerable populations or from educated middle-class females that have been abused until their identity is completely gone
  • Drugs can also play a part in the cause of sex trafficking by girls that are addicted to drugs and have that need of drugs and in order to get more they have to be prostituted
the importance of this issue to me
The importance of this issue to me
  • To me this issue is very important because I feel that as a girl that is aware of these happenings wouldn’t like to be in a situation like the other girls have
  • It must be hard for these girls that have to be in a bed every 1 hour having sex with strangers
  • This makes me very sad because I think that once these girls have been abused once the trauma that they go through is tremendous
countries involved with sex trafficking
Countries involved with sex trafficking
  • countries involved in this issue come from different areas some from where its least expected such as:
    • “Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine (Commonwealth of Independent States), Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, China, Thailand, and Nigeria, Philippines.”
    • Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Turkey and the United States are some other countries that are involved with this issue.
the most affected by this issue
The most affected by this issue
  • The most affected by sex trafficking are the woman and girls there are less cases of boys being abused sexually.
  • Woman and girls are controlled by fear and threat, the victims suffer of physical and mental abuse which includes rape, forced abortions.
  • All these are the cause of trauma and mental issues.
more time on this issue
More time on this issue
  • I feel that the UN should spend more time on this issue because its an important issue because it affects children greatly and the amount of victims grow every year and that means there is more suffering to the victims
  • This issue is also important because in a way it contributes to the spread of sexual transmitted disease which is not good to humanity.
sweet home s mission
Sweet Home’s Mission
  • Our mission is to help and support those victims that have been raped, harbored and forced into sex exploitation.
  • Sex trafficking is the act of females are being recruited, harbored and are forced into prostitution by violence, threat or cultural manipulation or by drug addictions
  • Even if we only have a small place many victims can also be helped enormously, we are a non profit organization
  • We believe in the need of victims that are sex trafficked is greatly important.
  • We want to help these women and girls retain and restore the life that they deserve.
central location
Central Location
  • Our central location is in Houston, Tx
  • In an atmosphere where these teen girls learn that everything isn't violence and pain we feel that there is hope for them to be happy again and have a life once more
  • This central location includes many support and hopes for these women and teen girls who have suffered
working closely
Working Closely
  • Sweet Home would like to work closely with the nearby countries and where we are located because we believe that in order to help others we should help ourselves so that the other victims feel its safe where they are at.
  • We would like to focus mainly in where the hotspots of where this issue happens more often
our friend organizations
Our Friend Organizations
  • One of our friends is “Courtney’s House”

“Children of The Night,” “The Defenders USA,”

“The Barnaba Institute,” “The Grey Man organization in Brisbane, Australia,” “International Sanctuary” and “Love 146”

  • These are some organizations that Sweet Home works together with to find a way of helping these victims that suffer many things in their lives and that sometimes its hard to pass through and we thank our sister organizations.
collection of data
Collection of data
  • The collection of data is done with the other non profit organizations that help the same issue
  • The information is also coming in from the actual victims that suffer all the pain and violence from the sex traffickers
  • They explain how they suffer and what they went through and all the violence that they had to keep up with
  • The victims talk about their experiences with a counselor but they aren't forced to talk if they don’t want to
the actions toward this issue
The actions toward this issue
  • Some of the actions of this issue might be small but it sure helps the victims
  • These actions are
    • Donations are encouraged
    • Raising awareness
    • You can give support
    • We offer education, counseling,