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Presentation to Consortium of Care. MARYLAND DENTAL ACTION COALITION April 27, 2011. Mission of MDAC.

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presentation to consortium of care
Presentation to Consortium of Care


April 27, 2011

mission of mdac
Mission of MDAC

To develop and maintain a statewide partnership of individuals committed to improved health among all Marylanders through increased oral health prevention, education, advocacy, and access to oral health care.

  • First established as the Dental Action Committee (DAC) in June 2007
  • By Secretary John M. Colmers
  • Due to the death of 12 year old Deamonte Driver
  • He died from an untreated tooth infection that spread to his brain
dac develop recommendations
DAC – develop recommendations
  • Dental reimbursement under the Maryland Medicaid program
  • Public health strategies for addressing oral health care issues
  • Oral health education and outreach to parents and caregivers, and
  • Dentists’ participation in the Medicaid program
dac continued
DAC - continued
  • Issued report in September 2007
  • Seven recommendations – nearly all have been implemented
  • MD is a national model for providing access to care for children who are disadvantaged and/or underserved
creation of mdac
Creation of MDAC
  • Established by DHMH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and DentaQuest Foundation
  • To ensure DAC’s recommendations are established and implemented
  • Assure that the focus on access to care continues
creation of mdac continued
Creation of MDAC - continued
  • Articles of Incorporation filed on April 15, 2010
  • Expanded scope to address optimal oral health for all Marylanders
  • Partnered with DHMH’s Office of Oral Health, stakeholders, to develop five-year oral health plan for MD
mdac seeks to
MDAC seeks to:
  • Develop and monitor a State Oral Health Plan
  • Advocate for oral health policy
  • Monitor the progress of important Medicaid initiatives, advocate for continued increases in Medicaid reimbursement
  • Support the development of a Statewide Oral Health Literacy campaign, targeted to families and human services providers
mdac seeks to1
MDAC seeks to:
  • Implement mandatory school screenings
  • Increase membership, expand partnerships and institute strategic planning to prevent oral health disease and injury in MD
maryland oral health plan mohp
Maryland Oral Health Plan (MOHP)
  • Includes input from 85+ stakeholders (including CoC members)
  • Completed in February 2011
  • Will launch on May 17
  • Includes goals, objectives and action steps for the three focus areas
  • 3 focus areas:
    • Access to oral health care
    • Oral disease and injury prevention
    • Oral health literacy and education
  • Develop Steering Committee and 3 subcommittees
  • Include those necessary to do the work
  • Prioritize the goals, objectives, and activities
  • Develop timeline
  • Monitor
  • Evaluate annually
other activities
Other activities
  • Advocacy (ACA, Medicaid reimbursement)
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Resource development
  • Oral Health Heroes
  • 2011 Oral Health Summit
organizational information
Organizational information
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Board and 6 standing committees guide the work
  • 3 categories of membership
  • Minimal annual dues
to learn more
To learn more…
  • Call 410-884-8294
  • Visit (under development)