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Intelligent Vending Machine

Team VEND ‘ etta ’. Intelligent Vending Machine. Jeffrey Hepworth Erik Mauer Brendan Murphy David Rodriguez. Project Overview. Retrofit existing vending machines with: New interactive features Energy saving technology Globally accessible inventory control system

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Intelligent Vending Machine

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  1. Team VEND‘etta’ Intelligent Vending Machine Jeffrey Hepworth Erik Mauer Brendan Murphy David Rodriguez

  2. Project Overview • Retrofit existing vending machines with: • New interactive features • Energy saving technology • Globally accessible inventory control system • Extremely Modular Upgrading System • Allows for customizable module additions depending on owner needs

  3. Upgrades/Modifications • User interface replaced with LCD touch screen display • Upgrade to electronic payment technology • Upgrade to high-efficiency lighting • Conserves energy by hibernating when there is no human interaction • Wired/wireless host interface

  4. System Diagram

  5. CPU/FPGA • Altera Cyclone II FPGA • Handles • LCD Touch Screen Driving • Motor Driving • Vending State Machine • NIOS II soft-core processor • Handles • Payments • Host Communication • Sensors • LCD Graphics Processing • Replace existing control board • Emulates current vending machine functions • Implements new upgraded features

  6. LCD Touch Screen • High resolution Touch Panel LCD • 800x480 @ 8bit per color • Displays user interface and information • Dynamic Menu Selection • Replaces keypad • Electronic Payment interface • Authorized Payment

  7. Cash Interface • Utilize existing bill and coin acceptors • Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) • Standard for coin/bill acceptor communications • Proprietary current-controlled signal • Not trivial to convert MDB to any standardized protocol • MDB2PC™ board • Hardware/Software interface for MDB to RS232 conversion • Allows controller board to communicate with coin/bill acceptor and process payments/payouts • Board donated by Upstate Networks

  8. Electronic Payment Upgrades • Magnetic card reader and RFID • Credit/Debit cards • Buff OneCards • Identifications cards • Reloadable charge card • Allows for loading credits on any card with a magnetic stripe or RFID. • Interface with control board via RS232 for processing

  9. Sensors • VeriVend System • Optical sensor detects if item has dropped • Motion Sensor • Detects human presence, and brings the system out of hibernation • Temperature • Monitor temperature of Soft Drinks/Snacks • Alerts host of temperature issues • Tilt/Shock Sensor • Detect if someone tilts machine • Set off alarm • Alerts host of attempted mischief

  10. Motor Control • Utilize existing motors • Modify hardware to drive motors • Motors are wired in a matrix configuration • Motor high and motor low signals are multiplexed to rows and columns to select a single motor • Motor Driving: • 24V @ 500mA (including in-rush current) • Motors run one at a time • Operates at infrequent intervals, so power dissipation is not a problem

  11. Energy-Saving Features • Currently uses Fluorescent Lighting • Replace with LEDs • Hibernation mode • Goes into hibernation mode with no human interaction • LED lighting and LCD will turn off • Light-sensing control • If not in hibernation, lighting adjusts with light intensity

  12. Host Interface • Uses a wired or wireless connection • Wired: • RS232, Ethernet • Wireless: • Zigbee, Bluetooth, or WiFi • Features • GUI on a Windows Host PC • Inventory Control • Pricing • Sales/Profit • Service Mode

  13. Power • MDB to RS232 board (MDB2PC) • 24-36V @ 6A • Drives coin/bill acceptors • Motors • 24V @500mA • Altera FPGA board • 9V @ 1.3A • Sensors/LEDs • Undermined

  14. Testing and Safety • A unit test will be designed and run for each module/block at every stage of implementation, debugging as needed • A module-interfacing test will be run as each module is added to the total system • PCB testing/debugging will be done with each revision • Safety • Utilizes existing safety standards • Our design eliminates most of the high-voltage components

  15. If Time Allows… • LED Price Tags • Individually-programmable, updated dynamically • Solar Power Module • Fountain Drink dispensing • General merchandise inventory additions • VendBot • Hooligan identification and reporting system

  16. Schedule

  17. Goals • PDR • LCD functional • MDB shipped • CDR • Preliminary PCB Layout (Rev. 1) • Understanding of MDB Communications • E Payment Communication • Motor Driving

  18. Milestones • Milestone 1 • LCD Implemented • Motor Control Implemented • MDB Implemented • Milestone 2 • Sensors Implemented • Remote Interface Implemented • Control Board PCB completed

  19. Roadblocks • MDB • Proprietary Signal • Not easy to convert • Expensive • Graphics/ LCD • Limited Experience • GUI Programming • Wireless • Limited Experience • Technology • Security/Privacy • Credit Card information issues

  20. Questions ??? Questions ??? Questions ??? Questions ??? Questions ???

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