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Spelling 5.1 Words with closed syllables PowerPoint Presentation
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Spelling 5.1 Words with closed syllables

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Spelling 5.1 Words with closed syllables - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spelling 5.1 Words with closed syllables. nap napkin cab cabin in index visit object cotton happen sauce draw food together through. Vocabulary 5.1. Burst: Things that burst, break open Desert : A desert is a very dry place

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Presentation Transcript

Spelling 5.1

Words with closed syllables

nap napkin cab

cabin in index

visit object cotton

happen sauce draw

food together through


Vocabulary 5.1

Burst: Things that burst, break open

Desert: A desert is a very dry place

Drifts: Something that drifts is carried through the air

Drowns: When something drowns, it is covered by too much water

Gently: Something that moves gently moves in a soft and smooth way

Neighbor: One person, or thinking that is close to another


Spelling 5.2

Words with closed syllables

pen pencil net

magnet publish pepper

fuzzy dinner bet

better visit cabin

certain field hundred


Vocabulary 5.2

Aroma: An aroma is often a pleasant smell

Blooming: A plant that is blooming is flowering and growing

Muscles: The parts of our bodies that move our bones

Prickly: If something is prickly, it is covered in sharp points

Scent: A word that means a smell, especially a nice smell

Trade: The exchange of one thing for another


Spelling 5.3

Words with open syllables

human giant lady

lazy crazy navy

gravy solo open

odor better magnet

idea often second


Vocabulary 5.3

Ancient: Something that is ancient is very old

Confirm: To confirm something is to show that is true based on facts

Hopeful: If you are hopeful, you think something good may happen

Site: the position or location of something

Unable: If you are unable to do something, you cannot do it

Valid: Something valid can be proven


Spelling 5.4

Words with oo, ou

lit little set

settle rip ripple

pad paddle middle

bubble lady open

group important only


Vocabulary 5.4

Fluttered: A butterfly that fluttered away flapped its wings quickly to fly

Giggled: If you giggled, you laughed

Peered: Someone who peered looked over or around something

Recognized: If you recognizes someone, you know that person from an earlier time

Snuggled: When the baby snuggled in his blanket, he held it close

Vanished: If something vanished, it is no longer able to be seen


Spelling 5.5

Words with open syllables

No noble male

Female baby basic

Bacon relate return

Lion little middle

Door order remember


Vocabulary 5.5

Beloved: Something or someone beloved is dearly loved

Glanced: If you glanced at something, you looked at it very quickly

Gleamed: shone or glowed

Noble: Someone who is noble shows qualities of high moral character, such as courage or generosity

Promised: If you promised to do something, you said you would definitely do it

Wiggled: If something wiggled, it moved form side to side in short, quick motions