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Spelling 6 .1 Words with consonant + le syllables PowerPoint Presentation
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Spelling 6 .1 Words with consonant + le syllables

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Spelling 6 .1 Words with consonant + le syllables - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spelling 6 .1 Words with consonant + le syllables
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  1. Spelling 6.1 Words with consonant + le syllables rat rattle rid riddle sad saddle jig jiggle apple puddle baby female listen several wind

  2. Vocabulary 6.1 Beyond: Something beyond is farther along Burrow: A hole or tunnel Distant: Something distant is far away in space or time Lengthy: Something that is lengthy is long Warning: tells you to be aware of danger

  3. Spelling 6.2 Words with vowel team syllables way away ball balloon play display joy enjoy explain meadow saddle riddle area money piece

  4. Vocabulary 6.2 Aroma: An aroma is often a pleasant smell Blooming: A plant that is blooming is flowering and growing Muscles: The parts of our bodies that move our bones Prickly: If something is prickly, it is covered in sharp points Scent: A word that means a smell, especially a nice smell Trade: The exchange of one thing for another

  5. Spelling 6.3 Words with final e syllables place replace nine ninety side sidewalk face inside these tadpole enjoy display during sure whole

  6. Vocabulary 6.3 Conservation: The protection of Earths natural resources Extinct: We say an animal is extinct if there are no more of that animal on Earth Hardest: The Hardest thing is the most difficult one Remains: If trash remains in a landfill, it stays there for many years Trouble: If something causes trouble, it creates a problem

  7. Spelling 6.4 Words with vowel team syllabels wood wooden reach reaches way highway be between root uprooted inside replace complete questions measure

  8. Vocabulary 6.4 Beware: to be on the lookout for something dangerous Destroy: To destroy something means to ruin it Grasslands: Large land areas covered with grass Prevent: To stop something from happening Uprooted: Torn or pulled out of the ground Violent: showing great physical force

  9. Spelling 6.5 Words with r-controlled syllables jump jumper high higher star starry other mother ever paper highway between pulled travel voice

  10. Vocabulary 6.5 Agreed: When people have agreed, they have thought the same way Gathered: When something is gathered, it is brought together Jabbing: If you were Jabbing something, you would be poking it with something pointed Randomly: When you do something randomly, you did not have a plan or purpose behind it Signal: When someone give you a signal, it is a sign you are supposed to do something.