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tagada jones. Band of metal . photo of the band. history.

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tagada jones


Band of metal


Hello I like a french band of metal music .His name is Tagada Jones .In this band there are four persons one singer and three musicians .My favourite songs are : Yec’Hed Mad ,zero de conduite, les compteurs a zero .This band was born in 1992 and they sing in french about freedom,ecology and respect . I love this band.


Tagada Jones has existed since 1993, in 1995 the Rennes released their first self-titled CD in the punk rock vein they will quickly skim concert halls for a total of more than 600 concerts to date (and 18 countries visited). The group continues to refine its music assimilates As various musical styles (metal, electro, hardcore, dub, ...) Lyrically the band gives the severely burn, engaged and intelligent it is the kind of words we would like to hear more often. Supported by Enrage Prod It is hoped that the group délivera us gems like Behind the scenes in 2003.