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GENERAL SECONDARY SCHOOL. ANGEL KARALIYCHEV. STRAZHITSA . Water -we cannot survive without it. We all use water. That is why each one of us must take responsibility for it. We carried out a survey among 50 students from 5 th to 12 th grade chosen at

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General secondary school




Water we cannot survive without it

Water -we cannot survive without it.

We all use water. That is why each one of us must take responsibility for it.

General secondary school

We carried out a survey among 50

students from 5th to 12th grade chosen at

random. The aim of it was to find out the

level of students’ awareness about water

importance in its various aspects as well

as the ways we should use to in order to

achieve a better understanding of its

significance today and in the future

Results and conclusions

Q1 What is the relation of water

with life?

84% - part of the living


16% - habitat;

Only a small number of students think that water is important as habitat not only as a consisting part of the living organisms.

General secondary school

Q2 Do you know who controls water quality?

73% Yes;

14% No;

13% I am not sure;

27% in total showed lack of knowledge about water control- is it necessary or not.

General secondary school

Q3 Do you know if there is a good control on drinking water?

44% Yes;

52% No;

4% I don’t care;

The majority of the students don’t know whether the quality control on drinking water is good; they don’t know what the quality of the tap water is.

General secondary school

Q4 Water is important:

0-not important, а 5 – very important

General secondary school

Q5 How can drinking water be polluted?

  • Throwing away waste near and in water sources;

  • Industrial activity, mainly the work of the chemical factories;

  • Oil floods;

  • Human activity as a whole;

General secondary school

Q6 What do you know about water?

  • An important part of our lives;

  • Important for life;

  • 2/3 of the Earth’s surface;

  • 2/3 Earth’s water is good for drinking;

  • It is important for the organisms;

  • Important for producing energy;

  • Important for agriculture;

  • Has different states: hard, liquid and gaseous;

General secondary school

Children in the Primary level do not learn about

the Water Cycle or water as a whole;

Students do not know how they can protect and

conserve water;

Possible solutions

  • One possible solution is assigning individual or group projects related with water issues.

  • Students can be motivated to work oon international projects related with water.

  • Celebrating all days and events related with water.

  • Seeing documentaries related with water.

General secondary school

This project has been funded with support from

the European Commission.

This publication reflects the views only of the

author, and the Commission cannot be held

responsible for any use which may be made of

the information contained therein.