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CPSC 203 ITBL Project. Fall 2005-Fall 2006 Working with Haskayne School of Business. Enhance and redesign. Goals provide a course that is relevant to the programs allow flexibility for students to take advantage of previous experience to choose assignment topics. Our Ideas .

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Cpsc 203 itbl project

CPSC 203 ITBL Project

Fall 2005-Fall 2006

Working with Haskayne School of Business

Enhance and redesign
Enhance and redesign

  • Goals

    • provide a course that is relevant to the programs

    • allow flexibility for students

      • to take advantage of previous experience

      • to choose assignment topics

Our ideas
Our Ideas

  • Get information from

    • programs

    • instructors

    • students

  • Try online tutorials for flexibility

203 instructors
203 Instructors

  • Want to know

    • what do the programs want?

    • why do students take the course?

    • what are their expectations?

    • what resources are available to help us teach and assess software skills?

Who takes 203
Who takes 203?

  • enrolment data from OIA for 2003-2005

  • Interviews with program unit representatives

Haskayne enrolment
Haskayne Enrolment

Required course and prerequisite for MGIS 317 and MGST 391

Communication and culture enrolment
Communication and Culture Enrolment

Most programs in the faculty require a “demonstration of computer competence”. CPSC 203 satisfies that. Many (30-40%) of the students

are waiting to get into high-demand programs like management and biology.

Management requirements
Management Requirements

  • Graduates need computer literacy

  • Prerequisite skills in Excel and Access

    • MGIS 317 – do large Access project

    • MGST 391 Research and Analysis for Decision Making

  • Most important topics: software, Internet, information literacy, security

  • Some group work

C c requirements
C&C Requirements

  • Graduates need

    • Computer literacy

    • To understand how computers are used

    • Long-term retention of concepts

    • Less concerned about skills

  • Most important concepts: Internet, information literacy, computer program development

  • Most important skills: Blackboard, web search, Word

Survey of current students
Survey of Current Students

  • some data

    • 80% agreed: “this course is valuable”

    • preference for talking about concepts to reading about

    • preference for instruction rather than learning on own

    • prefer practical projects

Survey of past students
Survey of Past Students

  • Ranked most important topics

    • software and operating systems

    • Internet

    • networking and communications

  • Least important

    • hardware

    • computer program development

Past students
Past students

  • want

    • a very practical course

Pilot of online lessons
Pilot of Online lessons

  • for Microsoft PowerPoint tutorials and assignment used online lessons and performance-based assessment

  • two systems used

Student experience
Student Experience

  • The majority of students agreed that

    • The online lessons explained new concepts well.

    • The online lessons allowed me to tailor my learning to my prior knowledge.

    • Overall, I prefer the online lessons to the workbook.

    • Assessment in this course should combine short online quizzes to test fundamental software skills with larger integrative assignments to test application.

Student experience1
Student Experience

  • The majority of students disagreed with the statement

    • Assessment in this course should only use larger integrative assignments.

Instructors discussed data
Instructors Discussed Data

  • Agreed to use Blackboard

  • Try to make course topics and delivery more student friendly

Lecture hours
Lecture Hours

  • Use the lecture hours less for lecturing and more for student centered activities.

  • We would like students to read material before lecture and discuss during lecture time.

  • We will spend more time discussing case studies and facilitating student projects and assignments.

Tutorial hours
Tutorial Hours

  • Want to use online lessons and assessment to teach the basic Microsoft Office skills.

  • Will use 50% of the tutorial time to facilitate the online lessons

  • remaining 50% of the time to work on case studies and assignments.

Fall 2006
Fall 2006

  • A textbook more compatible with the core topics has been chosen

  • Online lessons and assessment will be used to teach Microsoft Office skills

  • Assignments are designed around a case study