Benefits of the cross
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Benefits of the Cross. Peace and Healing. Peace and Healing. Peace and Healing Peace: “Shalom” { shaw-lome } [Greek/Hebrew Dictionary] “Well, happy, healthy, prosperous.” [Webster’s Dictionary]: “An agreement or treaty to end hostilities. Harmonious relations. Free from

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Benefits of the cross

Benefits of the Cross

Peace and Healing

Peace and healing
Peace and Healing

  • Peace and Healing

    Peace: “Shalom” {shaw-lome} [Greek/Hebrew Dictionary]

    “Well, happy, healthy, prosperous.”

    [Webster’s Dictionary]: “An agreement or treaty to

    end hostilities. Harmonious relations. Free from


    Sin: “Hamartia {ham-ar-tee-ah} [Greek/Hebrew]

    “Offence, trespass, missing the mark”

    [Webster’s Dictionary]: “Estrangement from God as

    of result of breaking God’s Law; an offense, viola-

    tion, fault, or error.”

  • Because of sin there is no peace with God.

  • When we are born again, we receive the peace of God:

  • Peace with God comes only through Jesus Christ!

    And the peace of God, which pass all understanding, shall keep your

    hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Peace and healing1
Peace and Healing

The peace of God is:

“The state of heart and mind that God keeps the believer in if they will trust in Him: [Philippians 4:7 – Amplified Bible]

  • When we rest in and meditate on the peace of God, we will not meditate on the cares of this world. Meditating on cares will only produce fear and fear does not give us peace!

    According to the Gospel According to Matthew 4:23, Jesus went


  • Preaching

  • Teaching, and

  • Healing

    However, some believers fail to receive their healing:

Peace and healing2
Peace and Healing


  • Not hearing enough teaching about healing, and doing what is taught.

  • Unbelief

  • Not esteeming the Word of God above everything else.

  • Giving place to, or regarding iniquity in the heart

  • Unforgiveness

  • No rightly discerning the Lord’s Supper.

  • Forgetting, or letting what they have heard slip or be taken from them.

  • Not praising and diligently seeking the face of God daily.

  • Not understanding and believing that healing is already available.

Peace and healing3
Peace and Healing

Not Hearing Enough Teaching About Healing and Doing What is Taught

  • Romans 10:17

  • James 1:22-25


  • Matthew 13:58

  • Matthew 17:18-20

  • Mark 6:5-6

  • Mark 9:23

    Not Esteeming the Word of God Above Everything Else

  • Mark 4:23-25

  • The degree to which a person esteems the Word of God will determine how much he or she can receive from God.

Peace and healing4
Peace and Healing

Giving Place to, or Regarding Iniquity in the Heart

  • Psalm 66:18

  • Iniquity is wickedness, evil and bitternes.


    Mark 11:23-26

    Not Rightly Discerning the Lord’s Supper

  • 1 Corinthians 11:23-32

  • We must always reverence what God has done for us!

    Forgetting, or Letting What You Heard Slip or be Taken From You

    Hebrews 2:1-3

    Not Praising and Diligently Seeking the Face of God Daily

    Hebrews 11:6

Peace and healing5
Peace and Healing

Not Understanding and Believing That Healing is Already Available

  • Luke 8:38 - “Woman thy FAITH has made you whole.”

  • John 4:49-52 - He took Jesus at His Word!

  • Mark 16:15-18 - Signs that they BELIEVE!

  • The individual’s faith is essential and must be exercised.

  • Healing is already available and as soon as you tap into it by your faith, the full magnitude of the healing power of God is available.

    Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh [2 CORINTHIANS 12:6-10]

  • A thorn in the flesh is an intense, wearying difficulty or affliction.

  • Paul received this thorn in the flesh by a messenger of satan– it was a demonically instigated assault.

  • God allowed this thorn in the flesh so that Paul would avoid being exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelation he had received.

Peace and healing6
Peace and Healing

  • Though it is futile to try to identify the thorn, it caused Paul a lot of agitation, but ultimately served a good purpose. This thorn in the flesh became the means by which Paul would learn of the overcominggrace of God, which will always prove to be sufficient in the midst of weaknesses.

  • Paul did not view the Lord’s response to him (verse 9) as being punitive, nor did Paul resign himself to a defeatist attitude because of the buffeting. Paul affirmed that whenever satan buffets him, he can boast in his infirmities because Jesus’ grace and strength will be sufficient (verse 9) to enable him to continue in his ministry.

  • Paul decided from this lesson that nothing would cause him to stop serving God. Therefore, he can take pleasure. . .for when he is weak, then he can be strong in Jesus [verse 10].

  • The word “grace” is charis {khar-ece} in the Greek language. It is from the same root as chara, which means “joy,” and chairo, which means “to rejoice.”Charis causes rejoicing. It is the word for God’s grace as extended to sinful man. It signifies unmerited favor, undeserving blessing, a free gift.