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The Cross of Christ PowerPoint Presentation
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The Cross of Christ

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The Cross of Christ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Original Charts By: Donnie S. Barnes, Th.D. Minister – Church of Christ Red Boiling Springs, Tn. Power Points & Animations By: Jack Wheeler Minister Church of Christ Clovis, Ca. The Cross of Christ. 038.

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Original Charts By:Donnie S. Barnes, Th.D.Minister – Church of ChristRed Boiling Springs, Tn.Power Points & Animations By:Jack WheelerMinister Church of ChristClovis,


Matthew 27:35 And when they had crucified him, they parted his garments among them, casting lots;

preparation for crucifixion
Preparation for Crucifixion

Sentence of death had to be pronounced by a Roman magistrate or tribunal.

Scourging was preliminary to crucifixion. A Whip was used.

Soldiers frequently stuck nails, pieces of bone and other hard substances to heighten pain.

The victim was generally bound to a column for the scourging.

The criminal was compelled to carry his own cross.

preparation for crucifixion1
Preparation for Crucifixion

The place of crucifixion was:

• Outside the city

• In some conspicuous place

• Often along some public road

At the place of crucifixion, the criminal was compelled to watch the preparations for his execution.

• He would see the cross driven into the ground.

• He would be stripped naked.

• He would be nailed to the cross

• He would be helpless to do anything