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the hashemite kingdom of jordan delegation report n.
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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Delegation Report PowerPoint Presentation
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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Delegation Report

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Delegation Report
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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Delegation Report

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  1. The Hashemite Kingdom ofJordan Delegation Report General Action Plan about the Future of Fighting Terrorism And Organized Crime Prepared by Judge Amjed Hamdan El Juhani, PhD Judge Haiel Aied AL Amer

  2. Jordan is determined to fight terrorism in all forms and regardless of its sources by: • Denouncing and condemning terrorism and stressingon not being subjected to terrorists demands, not to allow the use of Jordanian territories as a base for any terrorist activities, rejecting the use of terrorism paper for political purposes. In connection therewith, Jordan has signed a number of international and Arabic terrorism –related agreements, such as the UN Agreement and the Arabic Agreement. Jordan has also effectively participated in the international conferences aiming at fighting terrorism and reinforce international cooperation in that respect. Moreover, Jordan played a vital role in combating the most dangerous organizations such as disintegrating Osama ibn Laden networks, revealing the methods of operation of his groups, infiltration of and fighting the Abu Nidal group and causing effective dissection inside it and contributing towards preventing terrorist operations at the international level and early detection of such operations.

  3. . • Identify the real causes and motives of terrorism, political, social and economic and find proper solutions therefor through international and regional organizations. • Enhance the activation of security coordination among the countries concerned with fighting terrorism so as to finally uproot and dry out its sources and destroy its bases and infrastructure wherever it is located. • Follow up the recommendations and resolutions of international security conferences regarding terrorism and bring them into existence. • Jordan will exercise pressure on the terrorism sponsoring and supporting countries and urge them to take actual measures in order to exterminate the terrorism infrastructure and not to be content with taking informal measures that do not touch upon the core of the problem. • Jordan is embarking on setting specific controls for granting political asylum right and especially in the western countries to prevent terrorists or those who were involved in terrorism from benefiting from such right.

  4. Define the sources of finance and besiege the organizations offering funding for terrorism different purposes with the aim to dry out financial resources for the terrorist organizations. • Adopt the policy of hconcentrating on the role of media, awareness and education so as to clarify the dangers of terrorism and betray the falseness of terrorist organizations by relying on logical and religious evidences. • Take deterrent andarsh measures against terrorists who are arrested and try those who have already carried out any terrorist activities in the past so as to be deterrence for any person or party practicing terrorism and believing that it will not be punished for such acts due to time limitation. • It is necessary to coordinate between all countries in order to take appropriate measures to deprive terrorists and planners and financiers of terrorist activities from having safe haven. • As for the Middle East region there is a necessity to put an end to tension factors that constitute a motive for violence. In this connection we have to emphasize that it is necessary to achieve comprehensive and just peace at all paths.

  5. To develop the economies of Middle East countries and to improve the standard of living of its people, taking into consideration that there is a linkage between poverty and terrorism. • To control fund and donation raising campaigns for different purposes as the donation funds were exploited for supporting extreme groups as was the case in Jaish Mohammed in Jordan in 1991. • Security plays an important role and takes the lead to confront terrorism if necessary. Its duties include infiltration and breaking through the organizations and create divisions and differences between them in order to preoccupy them with their own internal affairs and also to foil their plans to acquire arms and carry out sabotage and terrorism acts, and also to call leaders from these extreme organizations and enter into dialogue with them and pressure them and arrest members from them and refer them to Courts in accordance with the provisions of the Law. • To work towards creating a specific international definition for terrorism within an international agreement to be adopted by the United Nations.