csf elementary school meeting september 11 2014 n.
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CSF Elementary School Meeting September 11, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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CSF Elementary School Meeting September 11, 2014

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CSF Elementary School Meeting September 11, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSF Elementary School Meeting September 11, 2014
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  1. CSF Elementary School Meeting September 11, 2014

  2. Agenda • Welcome and Opening Prayer • CSF Update • Funding Process and Timeline • Scholarship Funding • FACTS Grant & Aid • Peter Lynch (PL) Scholars • Other Grants • Partnerships • Important Dates • Advisory Committee • Red Sox Ticket Raffle

  3. Outcomes • Sense of who we are and how we operate • Clear sense of calendar, process and expectations • Feedback on our work and how we can best serve students and schools • Feedback on alternative meeting space

  4. CSF snapshot • Related entity of Archdiocese • 24 Board members • 7 Full time staff • $8.39mm in budgeted grants for FY15 • $63mm endowment • ~1500 donors • Do not claim church status

  5. Learn more about CSF www.guidestar.org

  6. CSF Mission Statement The Catholic Schools Foundation changes lives by providing families with demonstrated financial need an opportunity to give their sons and daughters a quality education, focused on Christian values and character formation at Catholic Schools located throughout the Archdiocese of Boston, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

  7. Operating Principles CSF supports the concept of a strong Catholic Schools Office (CSO) with a clear mandate, dedicated resources and adequate authority to rationalize and thereby strengthen the network of schools in the Archdiocese of Boston CSF will significantly focus its allocations in support of this objective and will direct funds away from schools that are not meeting the standards and towards schools that are viable in the long-term

  8. Why are we looking at this? • Obligation to our mission and donors • Need to be able to tell a story • Impact must be measured • Transparency leads to opportunity • Need to be bold to attract funds

  9. What this means • Funding Guidelines reviewed and updated regularly • Funding Calendar moved up • Application updated to help make decisions against standards • Opportunities for investment should emerge • CSF website now be more useful

  10. General Funding Guidelines • Minimum of 80% of CSF allocation budget should be allotted for scholarship funds each year • Majority of funding should be directed to students at elementary school level • Opportunities for internal capacity building and sustainability outside of CSF should be sought by all grantees • All schools should be able to demonstrate they are meeting or working towards defined standards of excellence in academics, finances, faith formation and governance. • Complete guideline on CSF website

  11. Funding Process and Timeline:Scholarship Funding • Donors are asking more and more questions about the students who receive CSF scholarships: • Ethnicity • Religion • Family income • Academic performance • Where do they go when they graduate • CSF must continue to answer these questions and track our students • Must rely on data from the financial aid process to do so

  12. Funding Process and Timeline:FACTS Grant & Aid • CSF currently requires elementary schools that receive funding to use FACTS Grant & Aid, NOT the other way around • Grant & Aid is SEPARATE from FACTS Tuition Management • All awards for students receiving CSF funds THIS school year (FY15) must be recorded in FACTS by SEPTEMBER 30

  13. Funding Process and Timeline:FACTS Grant & Aid • EVERY student receiving CSF dollars MUST APPLY and RE-APPLY EACH YEAR for aid • Why? • Income can go up or down, even for neediest students • Family situation can change: marriage, job loss or change, etc. • Keeps families accountable • Keeps the process objective for both schools and families

  14. Funding Process and Timeline:Peter Lynch (PL) Scholars • Established in 2010 to honor Peter Lynch’s 20th anniversary with CSF; • Intended to recognize scholarship recipients in the Catholic elementary schools CSF funds who represent: • academic achievement • work ethic • care and concern for others in the school community and beyond • All schools sent list of previous PL Scholars by e-mail last week; • Need to be recorded in FACTS by SEPTEMBER 30; • If any PL Scholars withdrew or no longer qualify for aid, need to complete Change of Status form

  15. Funding Process and Timeline:2015-16 (FY16) • For FY16 CSF will guarantee all funding at the same level for students who are scholarship recipients in grades K-7 in FY15, EXCLUDING emergency fund recipients; • Students must remain enrolled at their current school, re-apply and re-qualify for aid to receive the scholarship; • If a student withdraws, funding may be reassigned to another student but schools must complete a withdrawal report on the student who left; • If a student transfers to another Catholic school the scholarship DOES NOT follow him or her to the new school; • CSF will send letters to the families of these recipients in spring 2015 informing them of this guarantee and expectations

  16. Funding Process and Timeline:2015-16 (FY16) • All RCAB elementary schools are eligible to apply for additional funding for FY16 in one of the following areas: • to retain current students; • to recruit new students in grades K-8 (pre-school grades K0 and K1 are ineligible); • for both recruitment and retention • Applications DUE JANUARY 9 must include: • Updated Sustainability Index (SI) and Smart Goals; • Tuition collection rate; • Enrollment information; • Amount requested to retain current students and/or recruit new students with detail on # of students will impact; • Detailed recruiting plan

  17. Funding Process and Timeline:2015-16 (FY16) • Applications will be reviewed by the allocations sub-committee with decisions based on the following criteria: • Demonstrated progress on SI/Smart Goals; • Tuition collection rate vs. standard; • Enrollment change; • Clarity of recruiting plan • Schools will be notified of decisions by FEBRUARY 20 • The majority (80%) of guaranteed and additional scholarship funding will need to be recorded in FACTS by June 30

  18. Other Grants • CSF Prize Grant: $100,000 • Established for FY15 to award non-scholarship funding for innovation/impact in one of four areas of excellence; • Schools encouraged to collaborate on application; • Intent is to fund programs that can have a wide impact of innovation and excellence across Catholic school system

  19. Other Grants • CSF Prize Grant • 15 applications, all but one from two or more collaborations of schools • 3 finalists: • Building Bridges Through STREAM • Lowell Collaborative Campus Ministry • Boston Area Catholic Schools (BACS) Tech Collaborative • Winner: Building Bridges Through STREAM • Blessed Sacrament, Walpole and Trinity Catholic Academy, Brockton

  20. Other Grants • CSF Prize Grant: FY16 • Applications due MARCH 27; • May be additional, smaller grants in addition to $100,000 grant; • Reviewed by allocations sub-committee APRIL 3-24; • Finalists voted on by full allocations committee MAY 1; • Site visits/interviews MAY 11-22; • Recipients announced JUNE 22

  21. Other Grants • Summer Technology Academy • Catholic Schools Admissions and Development Collaboratives (CSAC/CSDC) • Regional Collaboratives

  22. Partnerships Zoo New England BSO Youth Concerts Engineering is Elementary

  23. Important Dates • September 30: Deadline to Finalize FY15 Awards in FACTS • October 20: Christmas Card Contest Submissions Due • October 21: PL Scholars Mass and Reception • October 28:Student Thank You Letters Mailed • November 13:Governance Series Meeting • November 20: Fall Grant Deposit • January 9: FY16 Scholarship Grant Applications Due • February 20: Schools Notified of Scholarship Grant Decisions • March 12:Pastor and Principal Reception with CSF Board • March 27: Summer Tech Academy and Prize Grant Applications Due

  24. Important Dates • April 1: Reports on Matching Grants Due • April 15:ICSF Dinner • April 30: Spring Grant Deposit Schools Notified of Summer Tech Academy Acceptance • May 11-22: Prize Grant Interviews/Site Visits • June 22: Prize Grant Recipients Announced • June 24-25: Summer Tech Academy • June 30: FY16 FACTS Scholarship Deadline • July 15: Reports on PL Scholars Due

  25. Outcomes • Sense of who we are and how we operate • Clear sense of calendar, process and expectations • Feedback on our work and how we can best serve students and schools • Feedback on alternative meeting space

  26. Outcomes • Sense of who we are and how we operate • Clear sense of calendar, process and expectations • Feedback on our work and how we can best serve students and schools • Feedback on alternative meeting space

  27. Tickets? • Red Sox Ticket Raffle