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Civil War Test Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil War Test Review

Civil War Test Review

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Civil War Test Review

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  1. Civil War Test Review

  2. Which event caused the South to secede? Lincoln (a republican) was elected.

  3. What did the seceding states call themselves? Confederate States of America

  4. Who was their president? Jefferson Davis

  5. Where did the Civil War begin? Fort Sumter, SC

  6. The North wanted to preserve the Union. Keep the border states from seceding. What were the goals of the North at the start of the Civil War?

  7. What were the border states? • The states between the North & the South (slavery was legal). Did not secede. • Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri

  8. The South wanted to be independent. What were the goals of the South at the start of the Civil War?

  9. What did the disaster at Bull Run show the Union leaders? Untrained troops could not be depended upon.

  10. Was the Anaconda Plan for the North or the South? North

  11. What were the major goals of the Anaconda Plan? Blockade Take control of the Mississippi Capture Richmond Divide the eastern part of the Confederacy

  12. The Union forces tried to divide the Confederacy by gaining control of what river? The Mississippi

  13. The fugitive slave law was a disaster for what group of people? Slaves Why? Any slave that escaped to the North was to be returned to their owner.

  14. General McClellan (north) was criticized for what reason? For having the “slows” (overly cautious & non-aggressive)

  15. What was General Thomas J. Jackson’s nickname? Stonewall

  16. Who won the battle of Antietam? Neither side. The North claimed it as a victory.

  17. What did Lincoln do right after the battle of Antietam? Emancipation Proclamation

  18. What was the document Lincoln issued declaring freedom for slaves in the Confederacy? Emancipation Proclamation

  19. Who did Lincoln give command of the Union army to in June of 1863? General George G. Meade

  20. General Robert E. Lee was commander for which army? the South

  21. Supplies Give the South a rest Good battleground Washington DC and other major Northern cities A victory on Northern soil To force a peace treaty Get help from foreign countries Why did Lee move his troops north in 1863?

  22. Where was the turning point of the Civil War? Gettysburg

  23. Day 1, 2, or 3? Day 3 How do you know this? Pickett’s Charge – fighting in the center of the Union fish hook

  24. Day 1, 2, or 3? Day 1 How do you know this? Fighting is taking place NW of town.

  25. Day 1, 2, or 3? Day 2 How do you know this? Fighting at ends (flanks) of Union fish hook. Sickles brought his men forward.

  26. What was the failed attack on the 3rd day of Gettysburg? Pickett's Charge

  27. Union or Confederate? George B. McClellan Union

  28. Union or Confederate? Abraham Lincoln Union

  29. Union or Confederate? Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Confederate

  30. Union or Confederate? Robert E. Lee Confederate

  31. Union or Confederate? Jefferson Davis Confederate

  32. Union or Confederate? U. S. Grant Union

  33. Union or Confederate? Pickett Confederate

  34. Union or Confederate? General Meade Union

  35. Who were Louisa May Alcott, Dorothea Dix & Clara Barton? Nurses during the Civil War.

  36. What were the Monitor and the Virginia? Ironclads Fought the first battle between the ironclads.

  37. What was the Union army called? Army of the Potomac

  38. What are other names for the Union during the Civil War? North Yankees Army of the Potomac Federals United States of America

  39. What are other names for the Confederates during the Civil War? South Confederate States of America Rebels Army of Northern Virginia

  40. What happened on April 9, 1865 and where? Lee surrendered his army to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia