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Civil War Review

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Civil War Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civil War Review. Jefferson Davis-President of the Confederacy Abraham Lincoln-President of the Union. People to Know:. Commanders in the Civil War Ulysses. S. Grant- Commander of the Union Army. Robert E. Lee- Commander of the Confederate Army. Who was Dred Scott?

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Civil War Review

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Commanders in the Civil War

Ulysses. S. Grant- Commander of the Union Army.

Robert E. Lee- Commander of the Confederate Army.


Who was Dred Scott?

    • Slave who sued for his freedom
    • Case went to Supreme Court
    • Declared that he is not a citizen and that slaves are property

Who did Robert E. Lee surrender to at Appomattox?

-Ulysses. S. Grant

  • Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
      • Harriet Beecher Stowe

Who earned a national reputation after debating Stephen Douglas when running for Illinois senator? Abraham Lincoln

  • John Brown: Led a raid on the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry
  • Whose 1850 compromise delayed the Civil War for 10 years? Henry Clay

The Great Compromiser

things to know

What was an important factor in growing cotton in the 1800s? Slave Labor

  • Which section of the country had few factories and why? South; they were primarily an agricultural economy.
Things to Know:

What was the purpose of the 13th amendment?

    • Free the slaves
  • What was the purpose of the 14th amendment?
    • Grant rights of citizenship to freed slaves
  • What did the 15th amendment do?
    • Gave black males the right to vote

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people” refers to what type of government?

    • Democracy

Three disadvantages of the South

    • 1. Few factories
    • 2. Less population
    • 3. Few railroads
  • Three advantages of the South
    • 1. Fighting on home ground
    • 2. Better generals
    • 3. Fighting for their way of life

What is a primary source?

    • First hand account
      • Ex: Autobiography, document, or recording.
  • What is a secondary source?
    • Second hand account
      • Ex: textbooks, encyclopedias and websites

How did Uncle Tom’s Cabin make Northerners feel?

    • That slavery was evil and should be abolished
  • Why did the south have more slaves?
    • Plantations depended on slave labor

What famous speech did Abraham Lincoln make in 1863?

    • Gettysburg Address
  • How did Lincoln want to treat the south after the war?
    • With Kindness
          • Lincolngett.jpc-courtesy of lincoln memorial
List the major crops in the South:

Cotton, Rice, Tobacco, and Sugar

What kind of labor did the North rely on?

Free labor or wage labor

Sojourner Truth believed women should have what?

Equal rights

What did more soldiers during the Civil War die of?


In the Dred Scott Decision, the Supreme Court said slaves were Property.

One factor that led to the agricultural economy of the South was the warm climate.

Why were women’s rights reformers upset about the 15th amendment?

Women still did not have the right to vote

The Union gained control of the Miss. River after what battle?

Battle of Vicksburg

Two strategies of the North during the War:

1. Capture the capital - Richmond, VA

2. Capture the Miss. River to split the Confederacy

Two strategies of the South during the war:

1.Fight a defensive war and capture Washington D.C

2. Win recognition as an independent country

Who had more railroads?


What incident marked the beginning of the Civil War?

Firing on Fort Sumter

Who made a famous “march to the sea”?

General William Sherman (using “total war”)

What battle lasted three days and was the last time Lee took his army North?

Battle of Gettysburg

What battle split the Confederacy?

Battle of Vicksburg

What slaves did the Emancipation Proclamation free?

Only those in the rebelling states

Where did General Robert E. Lee surrender?

Appomattox Courthouse, VA

When was the Civil War over?

April 9, 1865

Who shot Abraham Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth

When was Lincoln shot?

April 14, 1865 United States Library of Congress pic

What was the rebuilding of the South after the war called?


The Freedman’s Bureau was created

14th and 15th amendments passed

Martial law established in Southern states