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Five Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Five Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disaster recovery planning is one of the most important surfaces of business data management. Here are a few benefits you want to know about it.

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asset and inventory management
Asset and inventory management

The first part of a good backup and recovery plan is the complete documentation, which involves understanding the inventory of the equipment. This is useful to identify what equipment you have, which are additional but may be useful, and which are completely superfluous. Any good IT administrator knows what equipment he has and where to find it. That way, if there is a problem, whether small or large, you can quickly access the spare equipment.

network management
Network management

The DR planning process puts everything in perspective, including its underlying network. Through the process of detailed documentation of network protocols, companies can fully understand the network, which facilitates the repair of problems quickly.

task redundancy
Task redundancy

A DR plan is as strong as the people who run it. For this reason, encouraging your employees to participate in the DR planning process will give them more investment in the company and the plan in general. It is good to know that if a disaster happens, employees will be in tune with the way you handle it. In addition, sketching specific roles and tasks for employees to perform in a disaster situation helps ensure a rapid and effective recovery. Therefore, your business will incur less downtime and faceless loss with an organized response from employees.

cost savings
Cost savings

We mentioned that good documentation can result in better management, but it can also help you identify areas where you might be saving money, especially if it's time for a hardware upgrade. Why run three separate servers when you can run three virtual servers on a physical machine? Your eagle view can help you see where cost savings might be and where you could go virtual or to the cloud.

ability to test
Ability to test

How can you try a plan that you do not have? If you have a disaster recovery plan, you can see what would happen in various scenarios, allowing you to see your recovery in action. If you are an IT provider, this also helps you establish trust with customers who can actually see your test and make sure they keep their promises.


There are many benefits to having a disaster recovery plan, but the greatest benefit will always be the level of disaster preparedness that you can only get if you take the time necessary to develop a plan. Ultimately, a disaster recovery and backup plan is designed to keep the business after a small or large disaster. In reality, it is about saving companies from the cost of downtime, which is something that all companies can support.

are you really protected

Are You Really Protected?

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