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What makes a good Disaster Recovery Plan Template PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes a good Disaster Recovery Plan Template

What makes a good Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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What makes a good Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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  1. What makes a goodDisaster Recovery Plan Template? Call On +1 888 747-5593

  2. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Using a Disaster Recovery Plan template takes the pain of creating a plan from scratch. • The term Disaster Recovery Plan is defined by the Disaster Recovery Institute as a ‘written plan for recovering one or more information systems at an alternate facility in response to a major hardware or software failure or destruction of facilities’ • Also, the term disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan are sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality these two terms are related to each other but have different objectives. • A Disaster Recovery Plan should be written to enable the recovery of an IT system or systems.

  3. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • A business continuity plan, or BCP, is a plan that its scope includes recovering all critical functions of an organization, not only IT systems supported functions of an organization. • Your Disaster Recovery Plan, or DRP, needs some important ingredients to ensure it is effective and remains effective overtime.

  4. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 It’s common to use a Disaster Recovery Plan template to ensure the common elements, or subjects covered, are part of your Disaster Recovery Plan, the key elements of a robust DRP are: • System Overview • Communication and Control • Authority to activate or invoke the DRP • Infrastructure recovery • Software recovery including database, middleware • Data Recovery • Network Recovery • Application Testing • User Testing and Acceptance • Plan Maintenance & Governance

  5. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Recovering IT Systems needs to be conducted very carefully. Recovering systems incorrectly or recovering data to the wrong point in time has the potential to cause major issues and long term problems. • Disaster Recovery Plans should be written to include a comprehensive system and data validation phase. • During the validation phase, key members of the business (normally the business owner of the system/s) can validate the recovered systems data integrity before the system is made ‘live’ or handed back to the user base. This simple but important phase can ensure that corrupt or bad data is not utilised or transferred to interconnected systems.

  6. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 • Using a Disaster Recovery Plan template is a convenient way to ensure that your plan covers all the main areas, and reduce the likelihood of missing important information or recovery instructions. • Maintaining your DRP is vitality important. Integrating your recovery plan maintenance into your business and IT change management processes is by far the best way to keep your DRP up to date and viable in the event of a catastrophe. • However, making and sticking to a schedule to make sure your disaster recovery plan is reviewed at least annually, and/or in the event of a significant business change, will make sure keeping inline industry best practices.

  7. Call On: +1 888 747-5593 Last but not least, the key to every successful disaster recovery plan is testing! Test, Test, and then test it again!. The only way to prove a DRP is effective is to test it. Read about different methods of testing your DR Plan here…

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