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The Hexagon Project

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The Hexagon Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Hexagon Project.

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The Hexagon Project

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We Live in an Interdependent World.In the 21st Century everyone and everything is connected, we are not limited by borders anymore. We have connections and relationships with people and governments all over the world. Interdependence means that each member of the relationship is self-sufficient but responsible to each other. As people living in an interdependent world, we need to work together because all countries are dependent on one another in some way. Think about global warming, clothes, disease, entertainment, terrorism, and food; these things do not have borders. People and governments use, work for, and try to prevent these things together.


We need to focus on civic responsibility. All of our actions affect others. It our responsibility as global citizens to promote tolerance, appreciate diversity, and learn about intolerance to understand that it is something that should not be accepted.

The HexagonA 6 sided shape when joined with like hexagons creates intricate patterns of strength,dependent on each other

Hexagon shaped

orks of Art

can also be joined into

something important

International Kids Club Symbol

One Role of the Artist is to interpret, express and make visible the complex issues and ideas of our world



Human Rights



Children’s Rights


Through images and words the artist creates a visual representation of their thoughts and feelings about these issues.Their works of art prompt us to ask questions, to confront the issues expressed and in many cases move us to action.


Your Hexagon Work of ArtCreate a visual image to communicate the ideas,concerns, issues and solutions discovered in your research on Interdependence.What symbolic images and colorswould represent your ideas?Do you need to add text?


Project One is an individually created hexagon that will be united to send a strong message about our Interdependence.

Your Hexagon Work of Artwill be sent to a Global Art Exhibit by Middle School and High SchoolArt StudentsThe Hexagon Project 2012

Project two is a hexagon shaped folded book.

You will illustrate your ideas regarding the solutions to our Interdependence issues


Project StepsSketch your ideas on the templateTrace the template on tag boardCut it outChoose the media Create your HexagonUpload your work to the blog