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SOA Implementation & Federation PowerPoint Presentation
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SOA Implementation & Federation

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SOA Implementation & Federation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOA Implementation & Federation. SOA General Concepts SOA Implementation , System landscape and Processes – wM 8.2 Federation of Heterogeneous SOA environments like wM , Oracle Fusion, SAP PI and Tibco By Kumaran Singaravelu. SOA – General Concepts.

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SOA Implementation & Federation

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    1. SOA Implementation & Federation SOA General Concepts SOA Implementation , System landscape and Processes – wM 8.2 Federation of Heterogeneous SOA environments like wM, Oracle Fusion, SAP PI and Tibco By Kumaran Singaravelu

    2. SOA – General Concepts • A paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains. It provides a uniform means to offer, discover, interact with and use capabilities to produce desired effects consistent with measurable preconditions and expectations. – By OASIS • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration in computing. A system based on a SOA will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple, separate systems from several business domains. • Service-orientation requires loose coupling of services with operating systems, and other technologies that underlie applications. SOA separates functions into distinct units, or services • Common Message , Communication protocol , common business format for data element

    3. SOA Components

    4. wM SOA • wM 8.2 CentraSiteTopology • CentraSite Architecture • CentraSite SOA System Landscape • CentraSite SOA Components , Concepts , Features • CentraSite SDLC models and Deployments • CentraSite Versions and Revisions • CentraSite Role based SOA Securtiy • Integration Services System Landscape and Processes – wM 8.2 SOA • Federation of Heterogeneous SOA Environments and Architecture – Birds Eye View • Between Different Integration Components like wM , Tibco, SAP PI and Oracle Fusion • Between Different Organizations , working under the same Corporation

    5. CentraSite Topology CentraSite basic components: • CentraSite Application Server TierThe CentraSite Application Server Tier is a servlet that runs in a Tomcat servlet container. This component hosts the CentraSite graphical user interfaces and also supplies the UDDI V3.0 interface to the registry. • CentraSite Registry RepositoryThe CentraSite Registry Repository is the portion of CentraSite that hosts the registry and the repository.

    6. SOA CentraSite Architecture

    7. SCA Framework The SCA specifications define how to create components and how to combine Services components into complete applications . A domain can contain a single SCA composite or combination of Composite of services as given below

    8. Multiple Composites of SCA in a Single Domains

    9. Multiple Composites of SCA in a Multiple Domains

    10. Applications and SCA Bindings Protocols

    11. System Landscape

    12. Run Time CentraSite Components

    13. Mediator & PEP

    14. General Concepts

    15. SOA Features wM 8.2 • The Registry • The Catalog • The Repository • Design/Change-Time Policies • Run-Time Policies • Virtual Services • SOA Link • Lifecycle Management • Reporting • Impact Analysis • Security and Auditing • Role-Based Access • Federation with Other Registries • GUI Access to CentraSite • API Access to CentraSite High level Definitions below :

    16. SOA Deployment • Single Stage and two Stage Deployment

    17. Life Cycle Models

    18. Life Cycle Models & Permissions

    19. SOA Policies + Roles + Permissions

    20. Life Cycle Models

    21. Versions and Revisions – SOA Components We can create versions for the below SOA objects: ■ Design/Change-Time Policies ■ Run-Time Policies ■ Lifecycle Models ■ Assets

    22. Instant & Role Based Permission/Security • Permissions and Roles (Similar to MWS)

    23. Role Based SOA Security

    24. SOA SDLC – Big Picture

    25. Business Environment webMethods Optimize for Process Services Development Environment Services Management Environment Service Execution Environment webMethods BPMS Suite webMethods Optimize for Process webMethods Enterprise Service Bus wMDeveloper & Designer webMethods Optimize for Process webMethods’ Adapter (Application & Technology) webMethods Xbroker Adabas SAF Security webMethods Master Data Manager Infrastructure Environment Integration Server Services Governance Environment Natural Security, Natural SAF Security UDDI C webMethods components mapped to SOA Reference Architecture webMethods BPMS Suite

    26. Oracle Fusion components mapped to SOA Reference Architecture Oracle Fusion SOA - Components Business Environment Oracle Business Activity Monitoring Oracle BPM Suite Services Development Environment Services Management Environment Service Execution Environment Oracle’s BPEL Process Manager Oracle’s Business Activity Monitoring Oracle’s Enterprise Service Bus Oracle’s JDeveloper Oracle’s Worklist Application Oracle’s Adapter (Application & Technology) Oracle’s Webservice Manager Oracle Rule Engine Infrastructure Environment Oracle J2EE Server Services Governance Environment Oracle WebService Manager UDDI

    27. SOA - SAP PI • Will be updated from

    28. SOA Federation – High level viewTwo CentraSite Environments

    29. SOA Federation – Technical View

    30. SOA Federation – Big Picture Example : • Enterprise Level • Enterprise as a whole • Entity Level • Genzyme /Sanofi • Site Level • Heel/ Haver Hill / Ridgefield • Departmental Level functionality • FI/CO /Mfg Pro / HR /Payroll /SCM/Logistic etc

    31. References •