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Golf. By: Dylan V. The rules of golf from the Newell School. Newell High School Golf Rules- 2014 There is a possibility you could be injured while participating in golf. Anyone out for golf is responsible for getting to the Newell golf course and back on his/her own.

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By: Dylan V.

the rules of golf from the newell school
The rules of golf from the Newell School
  • Newell High School Golf Rules- 2014
  • There is a possibility you could be injured while participating in golf.
  • Anyone out for golf is responsible for getting to the Newell golf course and back on his/her own.
  • All golfers must have their own set of clubs, golf balls, and any other equipment necessary to compete in golf.
  • All golfers will be expected to attend all scheduled practices. More than four absences from practice may result in dismissal from the team. Unexcused absences will result in the golfer not being eligible to participate in the next golf meet. If you know that you will be missing practice, you must inform your coach in advance of your absence or you will be charged with an unexcused absence.
newell rules continued
Newell Rules Continued
  • Requirements for earning a letter will be to compete on the varsity golf team in half of the golf meets that we participate in, or to compete in the Region golf tournament, or place in a golf tournament throughout the year. If a golfer qualifies for the State Golf Tournament, he/she will be expected to compete to earn a letter.
  • Golfers will be expected to wear a collared shirt to compete in golf meets.
  • There will be weekly playoffs to determine who earns a spot to compete in that weeks golf meet. If you are not at practice on the day of a playoff, you will not be eligible to compete in that weeks golf meet. Playoffs scores will be cumulative.
the sdhsaa rules of golf
The SDHSAA rules of golf
  • The Golf Handbook of SDHSAA
  • Look at it at:

When I golf I where two pairs of pants, just in case I get a “hole in one”

newell high school golf roster 2014
Newell High School Golf Roster 2014
  • Taylor V. 9th
  • Brad K. 11th
  • Blake G. 9th
  • Adrianna W. 9th
  • Dylan V. 9th
  • Briana E. 10th
  • Coach: Mike Phelps
who can join
Who can Join
  • If you have arms and can swing a golf club you can join… so pretty much anyone buuuut if you are a goat you can’t join.
former golfers from the 2012 2013 golf season
Former golfers from the 2012-2013 golf season
  • Dakota M.
  • Matt K.
  • Seth M.
  • Will O.
  • Brad k.
  • Blake G.
  • Dylan v.
  • Adrianna w.
  • Ashley H.

Picture of Eli S. Dylan V.

Will O.

Dakota M. Seth M. Kennedy F.

How many golfers does it take to change a light bulb?


happy gilmore golf
Happy Gilmore golf

As most of you have seen happy gilmore, the movie by adamsandler you think of running up and hitting the ball and it goes very far. In my experience, it doesn’t go far at all and on a actual golf swing you don’t run and hit the ball, you stand still to hit it.

My golf game is so bad I had to have my ball retriever re-gripped.

what to do on a bad day of golf
What to do on a bad day of golf
  • Take a deep breath
  • Relax
  • Don’t over swing
  • Think of a happy place
  • Focus
  • Don’t panic
  • “well I try to focus more and walk faster and don’t think of how bad I am doing and start to do better.” a quote from Adrianna W.
  • “I take a deep breath and hit more Golf Balls.” taylor v.
golf etiquette
Golf etiquette
  • Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when they make a stroke or practice swing.
  • If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such a situation is "fore.“
  • Players should always show consideration for other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making any unnecessary noise.
  • On the putting green, players should not stand on another player's line of putt or when he is making a stroke, cast a shadow over his line of putt.
  • In stroke play, a player who is acting as a marker should, if necessary, on the way to the next tee, check the score with the player concerned and record it.
  • If a player believes his ball may be lost outside a water hazard or is out of bounds, to save time, he should play a provisional ball. For more golf etiquette look at:

funny golf videos or what not to do in golf
Funny golf videos or what not to do in golf!

The female team of 2013

Left to right Arianna W. and Ashley H.

  • Coach Mike phelps1/12/14
  • "USGA: Golf Etiquette 101." USGA: Golf Etiquette 101. N.p., Dec.-Jan. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2014.
  • Yearbook pictures 1/14/14
  • "Golf One-Liners and Other Short Funnies." Golf. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Jan. 2014.
the end
The end

Glass clean up on hole #4