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Developing Spiritual Leaders PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Spiritual Leaders

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Developing Spiritual Leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Board of Medical Benefits Direct Invoice Listening Session Presented by Reverend Curtis Bray Chair-Board of Medical Benefits David Stotts, CPA Treasurer/Conference Benefits Officer Larry Davis, MBA CCA Benefits Administrator.

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Board of Medical BenefitsDirect Invoice Listening SessionPresented by Reverend Curtis BrayChair-Board of Medical Benefits

David Stotts, CPATreasurer/Conference Benefits OfficerLarry Davis, MBA CCABenefits Administrator


Mississippi Conference Mission Statement The Mississippi Annual Conference-empowered by love, generosity, justice, and apprenticeship-forms spiritual leaders, faith communities, and connections so more disciples of Jesus Christ transform the world.

developing spiritual leaders
Developing Spiritual Leaders
  • Cabinet and Senior Staff and other Conference Leaders are working to become stronger Spiritual Leaders
  • Loving, Learning, Leading
  • You will see this modeled in conference meetings
  • What Glory Sightings have you seen lately
  • Where have you witnessed God at work in your life
  • Prayer
  • Now we will move into the Learning Time
open enrollment
Open Enrollment
  • Medical Plans
  • Dental and vision if on one of the health plans
  • Retiree open enrollment
  • Wellness
  • How to enroll
what do we want to accomplish today
What do we want to accomplish today?
  • Why should we direct invoice medical insurance?
  • What is our current reality?
  • What method is the Board of Medical Benefits Proposing for Direct Invoice?
what do we want to accomplish today1
What do we want to accomplish today?
  • So how does this really work?
  • How do we maintain the flat budget promise in 2016?
  • Where do we go from here?
why should we direct invoice medical insurance
Why should we direct invoice medical insurance?
  • We have learned that direct invoice has raised the pension collection rate from average 90 percent to 98%
  • Rising costs of pension were stabilized
  • Direct Invoice allows the local church to control their cost of having a pastor
why should we direct invoice medical insurance1
Why should we direct invoice medical insurance?
    • Direct Invoice enables mission shares to be totally for mission and ministry
  • 2008 Adopted a 4 Phase Plan of Direct Invoicing-Now is the time to explore the process
what is our current reality
What is our current reality?
  • Action at the 2013 annual conference stated that beginning in 2014 churches with less than full time pastors were not apportioned-a GREAT saving to 267 churches
  • In 2014 ACA required employees working 30 hours a week or more to be offered health insurance
  • With that requirement, a pastor earning 75% of the local pastor minimum salary is eligible for conference insurance. So for 2015 mission shares, that was based on the 2014 $19,954. This added back 166 churches.
what is our current reality1
What is our current reality?
  • Entities other than churches that have employees eligible to participate in the health insurance pay $8,184 annually because they do not pay mission shares.
    • Direct invoices will not change the billing to these entities or the way in which they share the cost with the participants
    • Cost sharing with the participant is a decision of each salary paying entity
    • So we understand from this that the Connectional spirit is alive because churches paying less than $8184 are receiving benefits form the other churches-611.
what method is the board of medical benefits proposing for direct invoice
What method is the Board of Medical Benefits Proposing for Direct Invoice?
  • Proposal is to use a percentage of plan compensation-same base as Pension Billing
  • Phased in over a 3 year period beginning in 2016
  • For projection purposes, 11.5% is used which would be what would be direct invoiced in 2015?
so how does this really work
So how does this really work
  • There will be an amount in mission shares for the active medical plan on Line 7 and a direct invoice for 2016-2017. Beginning in 2018, there will be full direct invoicing for benefits.
flat budget promise in 2016
Flat Budget Promise in 2016
  • 2016 Flat Budget will be honored
  • Flat budget is set at $15,600,000 in 2016
    • Apportioned Mission Shares will be $14,417,500


        • Total $15,600,000
        • Less1/3 of Line 7 $ 1,182,500 (Direct Invoice Amount)
where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?
  • Hear your thoughts on the direct invoice for Medical Insurance-Line 7 and billing method
  • BOMB will meet back to adjust the plan based on the listening sessions-We will listen and consider all comments made
  • Prepare the presentation for announcement in the early spring of 2015 including the percentage to be applied on the plan compensation for direct invoice
  • How can you go from here and model spiritual leadership through leading