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Transactional & Transformational Leadership

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Transactional & Transformational Leadership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transactional & Transformational Leadership. Central Questions:. How do leaders create and sustain change? What style of leadership is needed to motivate people to undertake change?. Transactional Leadership. Based on the concept of exchange between leader and group members

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central questions
Central Questions:
  • How do leaders create and sustain change?
  • What style of leadership is needed to motivate people to undertake change?
transactional leadership
Transactional Leadership
  • Based on the concept of exchange between leader and group members
    • Leader provides resources and rewards in exchange for motivation, productivity, effective goal, or task accomplishments
2 forms of transactional leadership
2 Forms ofTransactional Leadership
  • Contingent Reward
    • Positively reinforce appropriate behaviors
    • Negatively reinforce inappropriate behaviors
      • Highly ineffective and/or satisfying to all
management by exception mbe
Management by Exception (MBE)

Active MBE: monitor groups and correct mistakes

Laissez-Faire MBE: leave group alone and only interact when there are challenges

the downside of transactional leadership
The Downside of Transactional Leadership
  • Low expectations
  • Minimal accomplishments
  • Low levels of satisfaction
  • Focus is on short-term, immediate outcomes only
transformational leadership
Transformational Leadership

“The ability to get people to want to change and to lead change.”

3 elements of transformational leadership
3 Elements of Transformational Leadership
  • Inspiration and Charisma
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Individual Consideration
inspiration and charisma
Inspiration and Charisma
  • Create an emotional bond between leader and group

How can you do this?

intellectual stimulation
Intellectual Stimulation
  • Challenge the group to identify and solve challenges (out of the box)
individual consideration
Individual Consideration
  • Develop appropriate personal relationships with members
  • Treat members differently but equitably
  • Inspiration and Charisma: builds and sustains an emotional bond that overcomes the psychological and emotional resistance to change
  • Intellectual Stimulation: provides the new solutions and innovations that empowers members
  • Individual Consideration: encourages members because they actually know the leaders
transcendent leadership
Transcendent Leadership
  • We are all connected. Humankind is not divided by false distinctions such as race, gender, or even culture but is one species with a multitude of histories and experiences.
transcendence involves
Transcendence involves
  • A climate of trust by walking the talk
  • Information sharing transparency and disclosure
  • Meaningful participation in all aspects of the event
  • Collective decision making Consensus
  • Protecting and valuing divergent views
  • Redefinition of roles Associates
the transcendent leader
The Transcendent Leader
  • Reflective
  • Value-Centered
  • Global in perspective
  • Facilitator of dialogue and deliberation
  • Open-minded
  • Service above Self
  • Transactional = Give something to get something
  • Transformational = Go beyond self interests for the good of the whole
  • Transcendental = Service above self
  • “To Rule or Govern is easy – To Lead is Difficult.”